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Details | Prajna Karantha Poem

Mean World Mean People

Mean world mean people 
All around me.
Trying to be away from the crowd,
To stop myself from being mean.
Living alone is the best way I found.
But people tagged me with titles
Nerd, introvert, loner
Just because I couldn’t trust them.

The way I live;
Is it fault of theirs or am I the one to blame?
I don’t understand the world!
It doesn’t understand me…….

Mean world mean people
Come to me when they want,
Leave me when they don’t 
And complain!!!
You don’t have a smile to share.
That fake smile they want,
Just to return a fake one
Mean world mean people.

Copyright © Prajna Karantha | Year Posted 2018

Details | Prajna Karantha Poem


Crushing dreams as if they were tin cans,
Kicking them as if they were toys,
Running away from them,
Hiding those fears,
Holding those tears,
Listening to my brain,
Were the best I thought.
Those dreams became nightmares.
Or did I make them?
Tears just dried up
Fears teamed up to form pain,
That heavy pain on my chest.
I can no longer bear its weight
Want to scream,
But the voice gives up.
Want to blame everyone else
But I know I am at fault.
Once I failed to stand up for myself,
Now I regret.

Copyright © Prajna Karantha | Year Posted 2018