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Let me be the sunset

All I have is the sunset
These colours and the light
Since when did I love pink and grey?
But I stare,
Do not dare to move
I lean to enter their display.

I know it will soon pass
This beauty may not form again.
This does not mean the eyes are sad or blind
With peace and love I am filled
My other life stays far behind
My tears have stopped or now run still.

I create silence to watch
My spirit flies, dances and sings
Tremendous colours iced by the Winter chill
Borne through Sussex on seagulls’ wings
Over the sea, across the beach
Warming the South Downs just beyond reach.

The pinks leave, silver appears
Oh what this does to the dark blue sea!
Colours that cannot be painted or named
Textures that shine from beyond our world
I can only look out, speak to the sky
Breathe in peace as the light looms high.

Now it is dark, I prefer to be alone
Than hear the bitterness of tone
And the complaints from you.
What can I change here in this life
To be charged with light and energy anew.
To become the sunset, happy and bright?

I want to leave you with the knowledge
Of this beauty and joy
Poetry and nature in abundant supply.
Teach you to escape at the end of each day
To calm your woes
Sunsets and rainbows,
The angels’ thrones.

Can I imagine myself the sunset
Bringing light and calm as I move?
Head up, eyes bright
Engaging, not afraid?
But soon it would smash
I  will break.

Colourless tears start to fall
I am a rain cloud over the seas
I can no longer help to grow more trees
Water on water is all that I show
You were right, darling love,
I should go.

Copyright © Tracey holmes | Year Posted 2018

Details | Tracey Holmes Poem

Mid-October Morn

Welcoming winds and sweeping clouds
The sky soft and grey
Easy on tired eyes
Freshly teared 
Bravely facing the day

Cool movement on skin and hair
The stroking sense of life
To breathe and fill the body
Energy steps forth

A precious day to live
As if down at the sea
We are not so very far 
Wind sweeps the North Sea to me.

Leaves freshly blown
Scents released as we pass
Shame the walk ends and the tube crush starts.

Just a few weeks and it may be dark, wet and cold
This is not a full season
-	A flash of beauty
As Earth tips and our sun sets low.

Special foods to forage
On forests to call
Respectfully marvelling at their glory
Naming trees one and all.  

Capture the colours
Fire against the cool grey!
Unnaturally bright
Created by late snow, crippling heat and so much rain
Look and feast, these colours may not return 
Capture them in art: yellows, reds, orange and shocking pink
Berries above 
Playful movement beneath.

Gentle time of year 
Kindest to us all
Move with this joy
Touch, taste and hear it fall.

Suddenly it is gone to the long wintry months 
The dream fades
Head down with collar up
Our only hope now is snow.

Copyright © Tracey holmes | Year Posted 2018

Details | Tracey Holmes Poem

The wind has blown

The wind has blown time 
Across the surface of the river
Bringing wrinkles and lines, 
Darkness and shadows.

For thousands of years
You have flowed here
Before bridges and boats
Towers and people.

I have always lived here
Always lived near.
Am I a part of you?
Do you flow inside me?

Shall I return to you?
Where will you wash me to?

The sea.

To sealife.

The wind has blown to me 
My new life.

Copyright © Tracey holmes | Year Posted 2018

Details | Tracey Holmes Poem

The spirit hides

My arms outstretched, I offer you love
You walk another way with answer clear.
So the spirit flies
A tight knot in the heart,
Too sad to face it all
End the day, restart.

I am here to be with you
Nothing else for me.
This stay prolonged
With more time ahead.
When you release me
It can end.

Small successes, years of great love
But what aim when I chose this life?
To know love, to dance
To feel music, cross seas
Listen to the wise
Plant flowers and trees.

To enthuse and help create
Learn as much as time allows.
Nobody left to think of me well.
Experience has shown
In this short human life
This mother will fail, 
Mistakes cloud her weak light.

Copyright © Tracey holmes | Year Posted 2019

Details | Tracey Holmes Poem

I, Londoner

It hurt to forget and take the wrong line home
To steal into my flat
Hoping the resident wouldn’t come.

To have to think about my movement through the crowds
With my bags
To follow familiar paths in the beautiful soft rain
Unblinking, unthinking, dazzled by the view
From my own Blackfriars’s Bridge 
So often walked these past years,
Finding order, thinking through.

The familiar sight of the special evening light
And misty low cloud
Drizzling on the Thames, 
Dark, gripping and crying out loud.

I have not left my home!
I just had to move out
I do not know when I will be able to move back again.
I still come to work a few days a week
But no time to enjoy, 
Hurry in, commute out.

This is still my home, Central London, my flat.
The flat for 13 years and Clerkenwell four more.
I did not tire of London
I do not prefer the sea
Every project there is an effort for me.

My baby is confused, we are Londoners both
But the last time we were there, 
He raged and locked me out. 
So I said I would go home.
To my one home by the sea, 
But that was a lie, London is still me.

The past has changed 
I have to forge a new life.
Should I line these stairs with pictures of the bridges 
Over the river blue carpet tiptoeing down?
This house was our escape from the strained London air
I worry I’ll resent it now keeping me there.

Copyright © Tracey holmes | Year Posted 2019

Details | Tracey Holmes Poem

I am still here

I am still where you left me
I will not move
Heart trampled, spirit flown
Not waiting, unseen.

The tinman remains
With neither heart nor mind
Hardly breathing, not alive
The water all cried.

No apologies, nothing to forgive
This is how it is now.
Ten years was the gift
Now my child is grown.

You walked through the gate
Into an older youth
Without a hand behind
If I had been good enough 
If you thought me kind
You would have brought me along
You see no option but to struggle alone.
I failed the test
A cameo role remains for the rest.

For all your worries
You rightly ask
Whose fault is that?
Answer clear in the dark.

The trap of a single mother
All choices were mine
For every mistake and consequence
I did the best at all times.

Motherhood is not made of art and love
Of constant fighting for what is true
And fair for the child
Whatever the cost.
Wrong world and wrong time
To perfect this life
No more voice, no ears to plea
For your next life, you did not choose me.

Copyright © Tracey holmes | Year Posted 2019

Details | Tracey Holmes Poem


Real life always flows in
Covering the pictures stoked in the sand
Joyful fleeting thoughts
Faces and messages
Knowing but hoping no wave will come.

Sometimes just 10 minutes of closeness and calm
Often not enough to reach the school gate
No stage setting or plans can hold it back
The tide of time
Cast aside by the young

Copyright © Tracey holmes | Year Posted 2019

Details | Tracey Holmes Poem

Chiswick 520am

Hello trains
Hello planes
Then, welcome at first,
Hello rain.

To muffle the sounds
But it is hard on this ground.
No soil or grass, plants or tree,
Just flagstones and brick
Pelting and tapping high notes out of key.

Gutter pipes dumping
No tune, no waves
More banging and splashing,
My child now awake.

He grips hard to sleep
Too short was the night
Long realities await
Cheap blinds let in the light.

Third such night
Threats and claims replace dreams.
Our dream of moving West
Not the answer it seemed.

Copyright © Tracey holmes | Year Posted 2019

Details | Tracey Holmes Poem

Truth as a sense

What was once so close
Is now far away.
Does truth have to last
Beyond that place in the day?

It is not what we see,
Pictures can lie.
Politicians’ words, my ears do not buy.
Taste is a lie,
E-numbers widespread.
The same with smell,
Perfumes from plants long dead.

That only leaves touch,
Is this the honest sense?
No, a stroking hand
Might not care,
Danger concealed by warm air.

All that remains is what we feel
Only that can be real.
Before the moment must change
And the memory fade.

But my eyes feast on rays
Reaching down through the clouds
Warming fields below
Growing crops and livestock.

The smile of my child
Shows a heart full of love
A kiss, kind words
Here and true to the touch.

Copyright © Tracey holmes | Year Posted 2019