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Best Poems Written by Cristina Prado

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An Incomplete Love Story

Beautiful man, love at a glance.
I picture our song, with rhythm and jazz.
Music will end, but our eyes will still dance.
We will cover the floor and take up the mass.

Handsome stud, I give you my smile.
Gaze at me, say my name with a gentleman bow.
Frozen in time I stand there a while.
Ring in hand, our future starts now.

Wonderful man, inside and out.
As every day dies, I lay there and wonder.
A perfect concoction of man now makes me doubt.
My eyes still congruent with yours; however, I ponder.

Conformist man, where is your light?
I’ll give anything to stay right by your side.
Man of your nature does not put up a fight.
I know that you love me, let me be the guide.

Complacent man, you are quite satisfied.
You show me the love, but where is thy hype?
Human of mine, the thunder has died.
Yet, the fruit of our love is really quite ripe.

Everything man, I’ll hold on a minute longer.
Our hearts will still linger, time without end.
Each day we’re apart our hearts will grow fonder.
I drift away sweet man, forever my love I will send.  

July 16, 2018

Copyright © Cristina Prado | Year Posted 2018

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Ring of Light

Beautiful soul, an embellishment and relinquishment of life as a ring.
Beauty radiates its light of rays through daily and nightly shine.
Beguiling others with splendor to humanity making all hearts sing.
Begging to be seen by the luminous glow, each claiming thee as, “mine”.

Depth of the details, exquisitely given for eyes to appreciate. 
Delicacy externally gleaming like luminaires in the night.
Daring like a game of chess, enduring the victorious checkmate. 
Demanding a moment in time to share love with all its might. 

Tenacious glow, gives away the feeling of placidity. 
Tender hearts, receive the elation of kindness.
Torturous souls enthralled acquiring the power of vivacity. 
Turmoil turned to calm with the ability of acquiring joyful madness. 

Beautiful soul, an embellishment and relinquishment of life as a ring.
Beauty radiates its light of rays through daily and nightly shine.

Copyright © Cristina Prado | Year Posted 2019

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Seductive Calling of Name

I can almost hear the faint call of your name.
Seducing me with just a photographic memory.
Fortunately, I have lost this wretched game. 

Deep inside my soul I can feel your words caressing
each vein. My blood boils, the heat intensifies.
Oh, but I mustn’t forget your mouth’s defiance.  

I can almost feel the pain with the call of thy name.
Torturing the timber of my ear drum.
However, my longing demands you just the same. 

Weep, I devour my dignity and continue harassing
my pain. My heart accelerates and with each beat dies.
Oh, but I must stay alive and be filled with radiance.

I can sense it now, the damned call of thine name.
Persecuting me for the fallen of vague love.
Miraculously, my body now renovates remaining tame. 

Today, tomorrow, and forever; farewell, sufferable name. 

Copyright © Cristina Prado | Year Posted 2019