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(July 7th 2018 8.57pm East African Time)

	Group 1: Assertion	              Group 2: Response

1.	Look at you!	                  1. Stop discrimination!
	Torn dusty shoes	              Stop discrimination!
	Always in old clothes	              A pure heart is all God requires
	Same same hairstyle	              We’re all equal before God
	You can’t be our friend	      We’re all God’s family
2.	Look at you!	                   2.Stop discrimination!
	Resembling monkeys	              Stop discrimination!
	Dipped in crude oil	              We’re fearfully and wonderfully made
	Mere stammers	                      We’re all equal before God
	You can’t join our team	      We’re all God’s family
3.	Look at you!	                    3.Stop discrimination!
	Poor as church mice	               Stop discrimination!
	Always taking bread and water	We’re happy with peace of mind 
	You can’t afford a balanced diet	We’re all equal before God
	You don’t belong to our class	We’re all God’s family
4.	Look at you!	                     4.Stop discrimination!
	Mere nonentities	               Stop discrimination!
	Primary school education	       Simon Peter and John
	Is all you ever achieved	       Mere fishermen mightily used by Jesus
	You can’t lead our church	       We’re all equal before God
	You have nothing to tell us	       We’re all God’s family
                                Both groups	
                            5. It’s very true! It’s very true!
                               God does not discriminate
	                       We’re all created in God’s image
	                       We’re all equal before God
	                       We’re all God’s family

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