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Best Poems Written by Susan Bucsku

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You're The One

You’re the One

You’re the one who is extremely loving and thoughtful, 
  who makes me feel that I am a very special individual.
By showing your true values and feelings towards me,
  I no longer have feelings of doubt or insecurity.

You’re the one who gives me all the attention and affection 
  I have always dreamed of;
Never before have I ever felt so wanted, desired or loved.

You’re the one who is sincere and honest,
  Allowing me to have confidence in you as well as in myself’
Being this way, I can finally break down my wall
  And let my buried emotions come alive.

You’re the one who is in my every thought,
  Causing wonderful distractions throughout my day;
With your unique, sparkling personality and charm,
  I am constantly recalling the great times we shared
  And am anxious towards our future.

You’re the one who I can laugh with, speak freely to
  And enjoy at all times;
Because you make me feel so comfortable and relaxed,
  I can share my thoughts, ideas and dreams with you.

You’re the one who holds me tight, providing me warmth,
  Love and a sensational sense of closeness;
With your beautiful body, sensual touch and exotic kisses,
  My heart melts in more ways than one.

You’re the one who I am going to keep happy, take care of
  And love for a lifetime;
Since we so rightfully deserve each other,
  I will keep my heart and love alive with yours.

You’re the one who I’ve been searching for,
  Yet I never dared to dream you could possibly come true;
After all of this time of waiting and wanting,
  I’ve finally found everything I wished for in you.

You’re the one – the only one – I am so much in love with.

Copyright © Susan Bucsku | Year Posted 2018

Details | Susan Bucsku Poem

Happy Father's Day Mom


My mom mows the lawn
At the crack of dawn;

She takes out the trash
To get rid of our stash;
She repairs the car
So that we can go far;

She fixes the sink
Because we need a drink;

She patches the roof
As there’s no time to goof;

She lifts heavy things
Though she hurt her strings;

She paints the walls
In any spare time that falls;

She cuts the wood
Though I wish I could;

She works all day
But still finds time to PLAY.

Thanks MOM for being the GREATEST DAD ever!

Copyright © Susan Bucsku | Year Posted 2018