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My Fair lady

 Fair Lady

Hallow eve was nigh 
storms flying whirling winds 
flashed upon thy eyes
Her breath heaved
heavenly moor
Beautiful fare
 forever more

I speak not of words but of truths of tales untold
that all shall see but shall glide pass thou ear
Thou art but a heathen brule and battered 
My fair fair lady 
if I the moor you hold upon you
I be of great honour to thou heavenly father

Thou art a summer flower
delicate as daisy's
I am taken 
He of whom you choose to carry
he of whom you choose to marry
I loathe him so  

Your love reach no bounds as you kiss upon my tender lips 
I scream to heathens
peasants and trolls
For my fair lady I do behold.

Thy tender cheeks
Beam red roses
Eyes of wonder
Capture me
Thy windows to thy soul
darkness stains
The sky beholds

Our loves for fools
Love is pure
Ours but twisted
Gods do smite
thy Devil dares smile
thus ends the night

Day beholds
The heathenous troll
Thou lover
Thou betrothed
I spit on thy feet
I curse thy law
My fair lady
Days do betray us
Nights as knights of love
Protect us

I pray to the heavens
The lord alike
Out of love
Out of spite
World does spit on us
What does become of us
You thy bride 
And I thy mistress

My fair lady
Fair as day
Love no bounds
For love is gay

Copyright © gabriela goodfellow | Year Posted 2018