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Best Poems Written by Conor Pullen

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A Great Mind

A great mind is a curse and a blessing, 
It is the engineer of furtherment;
Yet, it is loathed by its inheritor.

It begets its host a wealth of stardom,
Though this abundance of fame is detested;
For it reaps far more suffering than joy.

The constant attempt at normalcy,
The ineludible mental anguish;
This is what plagues the life of a genius.

Forever shall the gift of brilliance be condemned,
By beholder and spectator alike;
Because in all of its greatness, envy grows.

An envy so fierce that it forges hate,
And in its wake, not but regret remains;
Thus, a great mind is taken from the world.
Yet in its loss, something emerges. Hope. 

Copyright © conor pullen | Year Posted 2018

Details | Conor Pullen Poem

The Price of Valor

Agony is nigh ever-present in humanity. 
It is the nefarious antagonist that unabashedly lurks in the shadows;
And With detestable malice, it strikes with a hellish wrath. 

This abhorrent lash is the unintentional crafter of heroism.
It inadvertently forges a shield that encompasses willpower;
And from it, absolute fortitude inhabits its beholder.

To wield this hallowed bulwark, an adamantine resolve is vital.
For the wielder is bequeathed with the insignia of gallantry;
And with this newly reaped brand, one must also retain humility.

Inevitably, the herculean task of attaining leadership takes its toll.
It Will, unfortunately, weigh on the heart of its heritor incessantly;
Despite this, its proprietor must remain vigilant and compassionate. 

Copyright © conor pullen | Year Posted 2018