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Dead Mans Eyes PTSD

Do you ever see me?

I see you every night. 

I see your lifeless body under the street lights. 

I hear you mom screaming let him be alright. 

I see the gunshot wound going through you like butter with a knife. 

You blood keeps pumping with no end in sight.

You stair at me with a look of dead eyes. 

You ask me for help, but why?

I didn’t make the choice to take my own life!

Then the look I’ve never seen comes across your eyes. 

It’s like I can see the soul of a man I’ve never met until tonight. 

I see the pain and heartache you’ve had to survive. 

Tonight is the night I’ve seen a a dead man eyes. 

By Chris Day

Copyright © Chris Day | Year Posted 2018

Details | Chris Day Poem


 Career  by Chris Day

When I was a little boy I use to play cops and robbers with my boys. 
To wear the badge and serve my community was all that mattered to me. 
I flew through promotions like a bird in the sky. 
I saw death, mangled bodies, abuse and suicides it became a way of life. 
Then one day I got the call that would change my life. 
A little girl so innocent and sweet had been ran over by a car.
As I got on scene it was Khaos, screaming and people cursing me. 
I was confused as what was happening as a mother was punching me.
Telling me to save her baby girl. 
It was like the earth stopped for a moment and I was just a blure.
I done what I was trained to do I grabbed the child and started CPR. 
Every breath I tried to give her was going afar. 
Every chest thrust I would do would go to the floor. 
I asked God to switch places for me and the child this time. 
Just a child I thought. How could it be. Just a simple trip turned into a tragedy. 
This changed my life and I think about her everyday. 
I hate myself for not being able to save her that day.

Copyright © Chris Day | Year Posted 2018