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Come now lets all break feast
And eat wholeheartedly
To the sound of dying peace
The music of guns
The churning of time
This is the difference between you and I 
You rush to help
But I see no use
So I sit back and enjoy my youth

Copyright © Lockesha Harry | Year Posted 2018

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Paint my eyes black, blind me.
Rip my nails off, unarm me.
Place me with those just like me.
Try months to rehabilitate,
the lost and untimely.

Copyright © Lockesha Harry | Year Posted 2018

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The sea

The sea carries many ghosts
Their past pain, in waves, it hosts
I cannot swim within it
The tides force me to submit

Yes, I see its rich beauty
I also see its darkness
Bones in chains are its bootie
Moonlit, despite its starkness


Copyright © Lockesha Harry | Year Posted 2018

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Sometimes we forget, 
that we,
as singular people,
cant avoid being alone.

That we make ties and bonds
But sometimes they break.
Sometimes we try and it doesn't work.
Sometimes relationships don't last.
Sometimes we put in the most effort and see no result.

Sometimes the people around us need to be left behind.
Sometimes we grow differently,
grow apart.
Sometimes they need another try.
Sometimes we need to give them another try.

Sometimes we cant stay back with them.
Sometimes we cripple them.
Sometimes they cripple us.
Sometimes they stay
and we go,
or they go
and we're left behind.
Sometimes we can stand by them.
Sometimes they cant wait on us.

That's just how it is sometimes
and we forget,
cause we had such a great time.
A phenomenal time with them.
Not leaning an ear to the pages of life,
as they rustle with the winds of change.
And sometimes,
its okay to be mad at the change.
Okay to be sad,
warry of it.
But only sometimes,
not all the time,
Because change happens all the time.
Sometimes we realize it too late,
other times too early,
but it's bound to happen,
cause few things stay the same.

Sometimes there's rain.
Sometimes there's sun.
And sometimes we cant be happy with it
but we need to learn to be satisfied,
and live on.
Move on.
Whether together
or apart.

Copyright © Lockesha Harry | Year Posted 2018