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Best Poems Written by Robin Ferri

Below are the all-time best Robin Ferri poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Sneaky Pug

I brought you home
for I could not resist
that pushed in face
and rolly girth

From the first time I saw you
it was just ment to be
tho the dollar signs
are still something I see

your short and stout
and you wear a mask
and you've learned quite well
just how to ask

to eat or drink
to sleep or play
and your learning more
with each passing day

The love that you give
has filled me inside
with more love to give
for the rest of your life

So, hats off to
the black masked mug
with that soft wrinkled face
on a fawn colored pug!

Copyright © Robin Ferri | Year Posted 2018

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The Old Rocking Chair

There's an old rocking chair
in the parlor
where I rock to the dreams
of long ago
dreaming of an old fashioned family
and the love of my old fashioned beaux
sometimes it seems
that I can hear them laughing
in the twilight while rocking to and fro
and the memories will always continue
in that old rocking chair
from long ago.

Copyright © Robin Ferri | Year Posted 2018

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No Harmony

No Harmony
Is there a reason
that can be understood,
why we must fight
against brotherhood.

Was there ever a time
that I became we
and togeather all lived 
in harmony?

Tell me a place
 where our men fight
Knowing they'll
come home each night.

Wouldn't you think
A lesson was learned
in fighting for land
that was only returned?

What was the sence
To the Vietnam war
except that our men
Died for no cause.

Politics rule, Presidents lie
Show me the honor
in the way
our men died.

On 1-27-73
A truce was signed, Oh, victory
The U.S. had won and the treaty assured,
the release of all, prisoner's of war.

This is not true
From what I've been told
By eyes that had witnessed
the horrors of old.

And what about all,
the MIA's that they know
when will they tell us
they'll never come home?

Copyright © Robin Ferri | Year Posted 2018