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Marriage is a Shelter

 May you remember this note
 Always close all the windows
 Rest inside as the wind blows
 Really hard to shake the roof
 It's dangerous to be on the move
 As you may be struck by a bolt
 Go outside only when it's safe
 Even if you're extremely brave.

 Is it a wonder why some falter?
 Surely they can perform better.

 Ah! We often take it for granted. 

 See how many have been hurt
 Houses that are shaky will fall
 Even the grandest of them all
 Let us aspire to build the best
 That can pass the hardest test
 Every time there is a disaster
 Rest assured it won't shatter.

 sha, 18 May 2013 | 10 Nov 2017
 PV. 14

Copyright © sha sel | Year Posted 2018

Details | Sha Sel Poem

Because of Corona

The germs bloom in a Chinese market
it has now spread to the entire world
viciously searching for its victims
every moment at all times
from churches to all buildings
attacking whichever it pleases
regardless of skin or religion
it infects anyone all the same
because of Corona humans panic
toilet paper is regarded as gold
other goods are being hoarded
until all aisles become empty
towns are quiet like cemeteries
since the start of travel restrictions
lots of lives have been lost
be it the young or the elderly
it destroys sources of income
traders suffer painful losses
may a cure be found immediately
so that we will not remain gloomy.

Copyright © sha sel | Year Posted 2020