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Vanity of vanities, all is vanity,

The jewels, the money, all insanity!

No man is immortal, why don't you get,

Accept this and deal with it, your life will be set.

All the humans have endless desires,

Their life is nothing but a bizzare.

Unable to endure the suffering, yet creating pain for others

Why the inability in seeing happiness of another?

People come and people go, the sun remains the same,

Lightening the world with its flame, constantly untamed.

And like the sun, shines those people,

Who, in sniffles and smiles stays unchanged.

Fortunes & hapless, fraudulence & guileless

The sniffles, the smiles, all are worthless.

The joy of peace, the glee of soul,

Is only attained when the body is free of it's core.

I wonder why their is so much botheration,

The love,the hatred, all in consideration.

All is because of the word called 'expectation',

Yet it gives nothing, but frustration.

So much of chaos and so much of enviousness,

Oh man, why running behind temporariness?

Whatever you'll make in this life, you'll die living the whole,

The real gratification lies not in anything but peace of your soul.

Copyright © Tripti Dalmia | Year Posted 2018