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My dearest

That night when I saw you 
Your tear stained face 
That inexplicable heart ache 
I could never explain 

I was glad ... Very glad that you lost something 
And glad that I was able to find it. 
I felt blessed to have loved you for years 
Without either of us having known each other 
Perhaps it was your voice or your feelings 
May be it was those lyrics 
May be it was the peace 
That I relished from your songs.

The time when we met 
During the fireworks festival 
Bumping into you 
Was a blessing 

You have no idea how I felt 
I knew your innocence 
I felt your passion 
I lost myself in your eyes 
A labyrinth which was 
But I still feigned ignorance 

It was a blessing to be partnered with you to look after the class 
To teach you piano 
To sing together 
To taste victories.... together 

Tell me ... When Was it that we started to fall in love 
From being strangers how did fate support us ? 
When did you become my strength ? 
When did you turn into my weakness ? 

My dearest , do you know ? 
You added colour to my life 
A unique painting our memory became 
Your pure smile swayed my heart 
My dearest you gave me all 

I love the scarf you made 
I love the food you made 
I love your angry face 
I love your care 

So where did you go ? 
Why did you go so far away ? 
Where I cannot reach 
Should I leave this world to accompany you ?
The separation was unbearable 
I lost my memories 
I forgot you 
I forgot my daughter  but then 
You still kept hope alive
Fulfilled your promise 
Left without your heart 
Embedded in another body 

I look at her like I look at you 
She smiles at me like you smile at me 
Now I remember you  
I see you in her 
It's your heart her beats 

My dearest ! I'll miss you 
I'll miss you,  keep missing you
Even though you left your essence 
Even though you cared about me 
In your time of death 
I'll miss you
For you are an unforgettable memory
A beautiful story 

For you my love 
I'll live on
Love her as I loved you 
Raise my children like you want me to 
And when I sit and cry hard alone 
Like a desolate child 
Come into my dreams and make me free!  

Copyright © Written Voice | Year Posted 2018

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Her Epoch

Beyond the times of struggle, I grew up
In blazing pursuit of success 
I sometimes lost myself
In depths of someone's envy
In closed limpid walls of mirror

Surrounded by many people
I perceived the very significance of life
They were what you call friends but they
never linger long in your life

Then, it dawned upon me 
They were but mere fancies of life
Ached my heart with the sudden revelation 
For memories that were embossed within me 

My life_  a tale. a saga it became
Some dreams abandoned 
Some achieved
I walked the crooked path and stumbled across
Fell and dusted the redundant

Then came a man,his presence strange
Added color to my blank canvas 
I care so he cared 
His likes became my likes 
Things I liked were left forgotten 

Dawn till dusk I remain reserved 
As wife, as mother, as an ideal woman
Wiped the mirror clean to see myself
Faint smile crossed my lips
My lovely hair left uncombed 

Years passed, children grew
My lovely hair glistened grey
Wrinkled face and an abrupt smile
Age long as the Nile

The departing time finally came
Every soul's end is same
You can never escape the inevitable
Darkness enveloped my weak eyes
Time certainly flies!

Copyright © Written Voice | Year Posted 2018

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When you look up do you see the
 stars ? 
Or do you find Mars ? 
May be a plain sky
And wish you could fly 

The world appears strange 
At some point of time
Don't you wish you never existed
That you were never born

Wish we had power 
To pass through time 
See our futures 
Change our destiny 

Sadly everything is just an illusion 
We wish for an escape
And run, far away beyond our minds
In pursuit of happiness and peace

Our thoughts conflicted 
People betraying 
Losing all blessings 
There is no hope, no way out 

At times of struggle 
We turn to God 
Our prayers as the only hope
But they turn their backs 

Time passes  and passes
Like river , like sand 
Nothing changed, nothing gained
Slowly we cease to have faith 
in God and His power 

Then whom to call 
Where to ask
How to get answers 
For our tainted hearts 

Goals and ambitions 
We dream many dreams 
When none come true 
Which path to choose?  

Aren't we all waiting ? 
Deep inside waiting 
For someone may be something 
to fill the void within us 

The despair , sadness and grief 
Evil creations of mankind 
Make us lose our faiths our hopes 
We stop believing in our beliefs 
In the end there is nothing 
But a baffled soul 

Amidst all there comes a time 
When a miracle happens 
Too good to be true 
Too good to be true 

Our eyes would fail to believe 
We would think it's nothing but
 a dream 
For our helpless souls are used to be 
In dismay 

In the end, change is seen 
Happiness knocks on your doors
We are afraid to open 
Afraid that it would be taken away 
From your wretched life 

It shines bright ,
 brighter than the sun
It lightness your dull life 
Pulls you out of darkness 
Nourishes your poor soul 

Then you believe
 in what you believed
Have faith in your faiths 
For your patience, 
you are rewarded 

You smile with trembling lips
Shed tears of joy 
It's all part of your fate 
Life is just a story to create 

Copyright © Written Voice | Year Posted 2018