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Take a journey with our minds and time travel to the past,
With our power of reason we see the way it was quite fast,
The truth is prehistoric man was smarter than we know,
This logical conclusion is not too hard to show:

Think about the daily grind of hunt and gather clans,
Survival was a struggle, they made a living with their hands,
But depending on the season many hours were at night,
So even after sleeping they were up without daylight.

Large groups awake in darkness, how did they pass the time?
Huddled around a campfire, whole families shared their minds.
They talked for hours every night, things plain to paranormal, 
All their knowledge passed like this, the learning was phenomenal.

It’s wrong to underestimate their thoughtful state of mind,
Philosophy was love and nature, it’s we who are behind.
The ancients saw, caterpillars crawl, knew one day they would fly.
They saw acorns vanish, up came oaks, somehow they didn’t die.

Now we have religions, and though different in every nation,
They cannot hide any of God’s original information.
So think about true religion, in nature, not institutions,
God is free, God is love, love with money is prostitution.

Copyright © David Allan | Year Posted 2018

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World's Oldest Profession

You’ve heard some funny stories about a rabbi and a priest, 
This one includes an imam and it’s wild to say the least.
They called it Interfaith Discussion, to make it sound so wise, 
But it was just God companies set out to proselytize.

“Thank you all so much for coming, was their opening remark, 
Welcome to our forum, we hope that light will fill the dark, 
But first a little prayer, would you all please bow your heads,” 
And bend your knees to show you care that God hears what is said. 

Excuse me sir, I stood and asked, “Why perform this ritual? 
It really has no meaning as to love and what is spiritual.
All of us had parents that came from simple mortal man.
And they regard us face to face, and some call us right hands.
So why in heaven’s name, would a God who loves me more, 
Put me on my knees and have me talking to the floor?”

Stunned and clearly shaken the youthful priest began to blush, 
"Excuse me son, don’t argue," was his answer in a rush, 
"It’s an honest question young man, I calmly answered back, 
And please don’t call me son, that’s very arrogant in fact."
“Now let me ask another thing, since you say Christ is God, 
That means his death was suicide, don’t you think that’s odd?”
By now the crowd was silent, could he explain those lies... 
He stamped his foot and shouted, “I believe it. That is why!” 

“But that is not an answer, not to any of my questions, 
And furthermore I have for you a number of suggestions.
Stop pretending you have access to some special information, 
Everyone that’s ruled by love is sure to find salvation.
And isn’t God just love, but love and money is prostitution? 
The oldest men’s professions are in religious institutions.”

“Love carries its own authority as the real word of God. 
Jesus didn’t invent it, nor did Moses or Mohammed.
So much unwise fiction has been joined to that great pearl, 
Self-righteous wicked people, seeking ways to rule the world,”

“Slavery and royalty, God blessed these sad oppressions, 
Colonists and terrorists, God blessed mass murder actions.
Wicked men and selfish nations, twist love to aid their lies, 
Ten thousand wars, a billion dead, religions helped them die.”

“And it isn’t just the Christians, the Jews are terrible too.
Moses said that they were best to milk conceited fools.
For arrogant people pay any price to feel above all others, 
But the real god, the love inside, is free and calls us brothers.”

“Then there's radical Islam, more buttholes for a fact,
A billion crazy Muslims cheer when terrorists attack. 
But since half the world is male, how are 72 brides arranged? 
Does God castrate most Muslim men so they can be sex changed?”

“Death to you!” The imam raged, “No insult will I take!”
“Stone him, cried the rabbi!” “The priest yelled, burn him at the stake!” 
All hell broke loose, as chaos reigned; I sparked unholy war, 
That I would know what martyrs get, was clearly next in store! 

But wise men rose to my defense and kept those dogs at bay,
So the salesmen of love tucked tail and simply slunk away.
For when did God forbid that people find him on their own?
And those who speak for God are those to whom God is unknown!

Copyright © David Allan | Year Posted 2018

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Some people think that their physical uniqueness,
Means the opposite gender has spiritual weakness,
But men and women can’t be the other’s superior,
Different, is all, which does not mean inferior, 
Look at the evidence, there’s only one conclusion,
For we were all created to need the same solution,

Every pair of twin members, that we can think to name,
Are basically like equals, reflections of the same,
Your arms and your shoulders, just like your legs and feet,
Are twins joined in one body and the middle’s where they meet.
See how in between those pairs, sit all the single members,
And they are always placed midway, in or near the center,
No matter where you look, head or heart, and yes the soul,
The singles always link the pairs, make one amazing whole.

Now think about your best friend, regard their special build,
They have parts that represent a soul that’s not fulfilled,
For each of us is half complete, designed from up above,
Give and receive, boy and girl, the two sides of perfect love,
Each holds missing parts, we cannot live without each other,
Two wrap into one, we clothe ourselves with one another.

Picture now, the union grows, physical into spiritual,
If minds meld like a climax, we really could do miracles,
Once we linked like this, we’d share everything together,
But also independent still, the design a joy forever,
“I am” is where we start, the essence of original thought,
But the answer to “What am I”, is the first thing we are taught,
The never-changing, ever-changing answer that I see,
Begins when “What am I” is simply answered by “We”,
For it requires eternal friends for our souls to be free,
So love starts one plus one, which starts Infinity.

Copyright © David Allan | Year Posted 2018

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His property adjoins mine.
We never talk, just nod at each other.

He’s weathered and torn from the years.
Wears a natural scowl.
It says, 
Leave me alone…

And everyone does.

But then she visited....

Four years and I’d never seen him smile,
But I could hear his laughter across the backyard,
As they colored pictures on his patio.

…And I thought of my own advancing years.

Copyright © David Allan | Year Posted 2018

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Aesop Would Be Pleased

This is a fable, yet the truest of stories,
And yes, there’s a moral to this allegory,
Scientists in Athens had thought for a while,
Who is the prettiest in all the Greek Isles?

For thousands of year, the winner, of course,
Helen of Troy, launched the ships and the horse.
All throughout Greece, her likeness abounds.
Statues and busts in the squares of all towns.

But who is it now, with these centuries passed?
And so a grand plan was conceived and then hatched.
Thousands of photos of common Greek women,
Were merged, morphed and blended into a vision.

Computers then averaged this data divine,
Every possible feature, except for the mind,
Eyes, nose and lips, forehead and chin,
There wasn’t a feature that wasn’t put in.

The shocking result you will surely enjoy,
The composited picture was Helen of Troy!
But it also gives proof that our thinking is scary,
Since the prettiest woman is most ordinary!

Copyright © David Allan | Year Posted 2018

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Space Queen

Her girlfriends called her space queen, told me behind her back,
But I saw right away, the character that they lacked,
She said this, or she said that, whispers and silly giggles,
Bat their eyes and tell me lies, beg attention with a wiggle,

The difference wasn’t even close, there’s more I can explain,
It had to do with who was giving, versus who was getting pain.
Smiling faces, frowning hearts, princesses of the college,
All that mirror time couldn’t see that love possesses knowledge,

Chase anything that was shiny, the definition of nearly blind,
Vacancies above the neck, must have one first to lose one’s mind,
Dull eyed and dumb as cattle, not a good girl in the herd,
No wonder she felt lost there, her heart felt kinder words.

Their credo in a nutshell, “Can’t you see I’m so superior?”
But my girl saw it different, thought no one was inferior.
She was simply on a higher plane, pursuing things known wise,
The others lost in selfish, their philosophies drawing flies,

Some friends betrayed her even more, asked me to go astray,
Legs wide open, more than clear, simply call and have my way.
Her so-called friends, it’s sickening, soliciting for a date,
I told them all “No thanks," I’m in love and you’re too late,

Barking like angry dogs they spoke, real bitches is what I mean,
But I knew why they hated her, space queen was in my dreams.

Copyright © David Allan | Year Posted 2018