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Beauty Women Poems

These Beauty Women poems are examples of Women poems about Beauty. These are the best examples of Women Beauty poems written by international poets.

Promises from God to Women 1
There is not 
one blade of grass,
there is no color
in this world that
is not intended to
make us rejoice
John Calvin

The Lord is good
and His Grace
endures forever;

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We are taught not to like ourselves,
from a young age
it is a shame to know you are beautiful,
yet beauty is in everyone,
why can't we see...

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Premium Member Women stand
Women stand...
By Michelle Morris

Women stand strong
You have created life 
From the beginning of mankind
You have nurtured everyone 

Women stand proud
You are graceful and compassionate
You have...

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Categories: women, celebration, encouraging, inspirational, visionary,

Premium Member Chocolate with caramel sprinkles
Chocolate sprinkled with Caramel so delicious 
Enjoying them both together is so perfectly luscious
The overall combination is completely tenacious 
No better way of saying it,...

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Premium Member Empress Of The Waves Rimas Dissolutas
Tumultuous empress of the waves 
turning the tide for a resister;
She shares style and possibility
adding a dash of feminine grace;

The message rings onto the airwaves...

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Categories: emotions, pride, woman, women,

Premium Member Joyous Women's Month
Woman, woman, oh sweet woman
My love, my crib, my token
In my daily diary
Every day is your journey
You are my soul, my pillar
I cherish you everyday

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Categories: women, beauty, celebration, friendship, happy,

I Wear Black
I know who I am

Wearing what I love
Everyday is the same 
Appealing to my needs
Radiating as I walk

Beauty I reflect 
Listening to my heart 

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Categories: women, beautiful, black love, color,

The constant
A girl shattered like mirror, collected her pieces, 
Ran for the piece where the cosmos breaths, 
She meet a stranger
Oxygen to her, 
he mend her...

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Categories: betrayal, feelings, women,

You are so beautiful dark on the rich Soil,
Dark and sweet like chocolate,  
Sun shines on your face, 
You remain beautiful dark. 
Sun sets in...

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Categories: women, africa, appreciation, chocolate, color,

If you want equality read about pioneer women
The more I read about pioneer women in particular,
The more  I see from afar,
About how high they set the bar, 
For those who find...

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Categories: women, art, baptism, beautiful, beauty,

Hail Mary
I used to think this was Angel Gabriel's style of saying Hey! :)
But I learned it's because royalty is often addressed that way! 

Think of...

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Categories: women, angel, blessing, faith, for

Premium Member Those Tanned Legs
those tanned legs
that white hat
her taunt arms
I have dreamed of looking like her
tor over fifty years
a nameless beauty who got out of a car once...

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Premium Member I Feel Bland Next to You
Gorgeous red haired beauty in the colorful peacock dress.
How dare you wear your shiny perky loveliness to my party.
You have trumped all of us.
Our frocks...

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Premium Member Faerie Tale Heroines are Blonde
When I was a child all of the faerie tale heroines were blonde.
Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Gretel, Tinkerbelle and Goldie Locks.
Being brunette does not make sense...

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A Tale of Feminine Forgetting
The opalescence of the early morning light flows over everything
It touches over ever leaf, every tree, every exposed part of her skin
She stares at the...

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