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Soldier War Poems

These Soldier War poems are examples of War poems about Soldier. These are the best examples of War Soldier poems written by international poets.

Ashira s Lullaby
God, protect your children
Keep them safe from harm
God, take your children
Welcome them into your arms

I am a child of betrayal
My innocence is their derail
God, can...

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Categories: war, child, fear, Lullaby, prayer,

Premium Member Man versus Man
Thunder and lightning
AND men against man 
Stardust and White Fire
 Man versus Man
the world is filled with Corruptions
 why must Man fight cuz

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Categories: war, adventure, allusion, engagement, hate,

Child of War
Bombs blasting so near,
child of war covers her ears,
mother is gone no where to be seen,
sheet covers broken window,
blocks the light but not the screams

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Categories: war, anxiety, autumn, child, conflict,

The Soldier
For the welfare of people
This purpose to fulfill
We stand opposing threats-
For our fatherland’s will. 
For law and order, all purely made by madmen, 
Completely false

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Categories: war, death, devotion, hope, identity,

Premium Member Suribachi

At the base of Suribachi
Within reach of the beach
The mountain towers as I shrink
In guts of hate—malignant;
With gun, bayonet and grenade
And murdering hands
To choke the...

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Categories: war, america, memorial, soldier, tribute,

War and Peace
Come hither and discard your heavy armor
and cleanse your hands of thine enemies blood
think not of war, or the carnage you reaped
rest your blooded sword...

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Categories: war, god, hate, peace, prayer,

Shadow of War
stranded Soldier, tossed ashore forced to fight a gallic war .Bound by Honor, a task at hand.  a sword and shield upon his back....

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Categories: war, dark, death, dream, faith,

Premium Member Bittersweet
     on the palate...

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Categories: war, angst, conflict, emotions, soldier,

Premium Member Consecration
no soldier ever kissed
      the soil they bled on
   for its sake ...

no leader ever bled

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Categories: loss, war,

Fredericksburg 1862
It was cold that snowy December night, 1862. We took the hill to stand and fight against the Yankee coats of blue. We charged towards...

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Categories: history, war,

Child Soldier
My village was dusty and burning
Everyone was screaming and running
I stood dumb in the chaos, my eyes rolling
Tried to listen out for mother’s calling

The noise...

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Categories: war, africa, child, child abuse,

Lament to the Spirit of War
Lament to the Spirit of War
by Enheduanna (circa 2285-2250 BCE)
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

You hack down everything you see, War God!

Rising on fearsome wings

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Categories: war, allegory, analogy, conflict, death,

Premium Member The Battle of the Bulge
Experts summoned
  War whoops drum on

Speculation ramps up
  Excitement amps up

Convoys move out
  Generals air doubts

Battle lines drawn
  The conflict dawns


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Categories: conflict, loss, soldier, war,

A soldier dies-a mother cries, a heart broken, words left unspoken,
So young a soldier laid to rest, a shiny medal upon his chest.

A soldier dies-a...

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Categories: war, bereavement, child, conflict, courage,

Premium Member ONE APRIL DAY
He went to be a soldier one cold and
wintry Spring,dying for a noble cause
that all then  believed in;The lilac was just
budding when news of...

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Categories: family, war,

Premium Member No poetry in a foxhole -- Contest
No poetry in a foxhole when the shelling starts
   Battle-weary soldiers contest
Well, there are no poets in a foxhole either

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Categories: poetry, poets, soldier, war,

Premium Member Soldier Boy
Soldier Boy you are much too young
But your going off to war
Arm yourself prepare to fight
This is not a simple chore
One two three four 

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Categories: war,

Battle Reprise
Her body was in pieces all over the black earth
Not much was recognizable; a foot in a boot
Over there, two fingers, one had a ring...

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Categories: absence, death, war,

A Service Member's Story - AKA In Friends We Trust
A Service Member's Story
(In Friends We Trust)

The night is cold, the sand is deep,
with miles to go before we sleep.
But on we trudge to spot...

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Categories: military, patriotic, soldier, war,

Mrs Maya
Under the towering bridge, beside the tulip garden, next to the curvy ridge, sat a soldier awaiting no one.
Merged with a melody of notes,...

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Categories: war, absence, death, for him,