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Biological War Poems

These Biological War poems are examples of War poems about Biological. These are the best examples of War Biological poems written by international poets.

Brolley Hit
Brolley Hit
Give me something small
No big bomb or aircraft carrier needed
A little virus on the tip of a pin
Ready to inject you viral death
Not fall...

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Categories: war, conflict, technology, violence,

The Punishment
Saša Milivojev


(On the consequences of biological warfare and experimentation on humans. Disturbing images in verse)

What is the world breathing in?
We are perishing,
Dirty rains are...

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Categories: war,

The Simple View
The process is easy, theory simple, action not complex at all

You tense a muscle, physics follows law and chemistry combines

The reality, as so often, is...

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Categories: soldier, war, work,

Where is all the fuel gone to?
To fuel the raging fires in the world
Or fuel the warm and hearty fireplaces in homes….?

O! Where is all...

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Categories: war, earth day, environment, future,

Premium Member Enter Locking Up Viral Rings
An international battlefield was scheduled this year 
Postponed due to an invisible fear 
A misunderstood sensitive diplomatic situation 
Displaying theatrical health care patients 
Put off...

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Categories: war, health, international, leadership, princess,

Dual Role
Dual Role
The factory was a dual role one
It was a great division of labour
And of resources making double the profit 

On a Monday it made...

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Categories: conflict, military, war,

Nightmarish Life
Oh, fear and fright

That's part of life

Brought about

Through left and right

People who claim

Visionary sight

That causes much

Loss of so much life

And the rumble of tanks

Rolling on


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Categories: conflict, humanity, violence, war,

The World Is Turning Upside Down
The world is turning upside down
Population exploding out of bound
Babies crying from starvation
Too late to stop impending devastation

The world is turning upside down
Pollution in the...

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Categories: war, conflict, depression, earth, internet,

The Astute and the Dumb
The astute and the dumb are
found on this road we traverse;
the one with goals to set, the other
with no character, interest or talent...
can both coexsist...

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Categories: war, confidence, conflict, growth, society,

Wherever I Stand It Will Be My Holy Land
Wherever I stand,
It will be my holy land!
Wherever I stand,
It will be my holy land,
Listen to what I say,
And read my lips Friend!
The world has...

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Categories: war, conflict, corruption, peace, political,

Premium Member Enduring Spinning: Agriculture, Culture and War
You can feel it spinning

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