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Art Verse Poems

These Art Verse poems are examples of Verse poems about Art. These are the best examples of Verse Art poems written by international poets.

harmony of hearts
In the quiet of the night,
Underneath the starry light,
Dreams take flight, oh so bright,
Painting wonders in our sight.

Love, a beacon burning strong,
In our hearts, where...

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Categories: verse, art, beautiful, love,

A Poem is Born
When the sunsets,
And birds fly back to home,
In crimson light,
I hold my pen to make a sketch.
But on these pages
You appear, my dear,
I kiss your...

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Categories: verse, allusion, art, bird, books,

Apple Orchards Harvest in July, you Rot in October
I pick your apples with a gentleness uncharacteristic of my kind.

I eat them with a fervor that may only come from me.

You are my garden...

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Categories: verse, 9th grade, analogy, art,

Premium Member The Loss of Reason
“O Judgement! Thou art fled to brutish beasts, and men have lost their reason.” Willian Shakespeare (from Julius Caesar, spoken by Marc Antony)

The pendulum of...

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Categories: verse, confusion, dark, fantasy, heartbroken,

On a rainbow
Rode the moonlight
Surfing on the river’s drifting leaves
Afloat upon the hopes
Of spinning dandelions
Creeping through the gray
Of tombstone chill
Shadowing the sundials darker side.

Mingling amid...

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Categories: verse, allusion, art, poets, writing,

Premium Member Love is my muse
What if love is my muse,
and you are the rosy
red poem in my soul?
Will you lead 
my ink to feel 
your warm air—
thaw hail in...

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Categories: verse, dance, deep, love,

Innermost Secret
In the realm where mirrors hold no truth,
And judgments fade, lost in the youth,
There lies a beauty, a tranquil light,
Far beyond the eyes, shining bright.


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Categories: verse, 8th grade, art, beautiful,

Premium Member YOU'RE IN HIS WILL-
We are in his will 
Your wealth is in Him
You are well 

When He's in you 
Take on the and receive the blessings presently still...

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Categories: verse, beautiful, devotion,

Ode To A Fallen Leaf
Image by: Kimberlee Baxter
The nonpareil of a a violin plays late into a golden era
its "An Autumnal Farewell, by Debussy"

With magnificent beauty in dazzling colors...

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Categories: verse, appreciation, art, music,

Premium Member GREEN
"Stay green......! When one is green, he is in his spring. When green fades, it indicates that winter has set in"- By Poet

In the brilliant...

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Categories: verse, appreciation, color, earth,

Order and chaos
Chaos or order?
Enable or care?
Rescue or search?

I care, I search, I enable, I rescue.

Search and rescue.
Care and enable.
Order and chaos....

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Categories: verse, addiction, allegory, art, love,

When I Was Young
Darkness, shadows, raining, storming.

I liked to pretend I perfectly crafted these bleak, tired ideas.

When I was a stupid kid.

As if no one has ever drawn...

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Categories: verse, angst, depression,

Premium Member to join with gold
What is it,
to be a broken thing?

A glass, carelessly chipped
on the edge of the sink; or
a plate, smashed in anger.
To be placed at the back...

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Categories: verse, encouraging, growth, humanity, hurt,

Dumbfounded means
Perceiving riches.
After your accumulation,
shatter the hope of satisfaction.
I become hungry and thirsty.
Resulting in stealing and fraud.
I become stingy and active.
Believing in the hope you...

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Categories: verse, art, business, children, class,

Oh Love Thy Heart Is Cherry Red
Oh, love, thy heart is cheery red,
A vibrant hue where passions tread.
In the depths of your fiery core,
Love's beauty and warmth forever soar.

Like the petals...

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Categories: verse, image, imagination, inspirational, inspirational