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Swerving Poems

Swerving Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swerving poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swerving.

New Poems

Fallen below beams of hope
When thou look upon mountains
Bereaved in nonchalant fountains
With eyes that devour while haunting
Enchanted by seemingly mysterious daunting
In tempest rages of furious bubbles
Heart swings toward preemptive muddles
Dominantly swerving on to thick ends
Chugging chunks off of mighty bends

How art thou fallen below...Read More
Categories: swerving, anxiety, cry, dark, deep, emotions, solitude, surreal,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member Spilt Scenery
Spilt Scenery

Moon bunts as a saffron sun advances o'er a horizon,
Spring's dabbled hues tender hearts a growthful bounty, 
Love sprung amidst the fluttering of its emerald leaves,
High upon mounds beneath an affectionate bluish peak,
Cascading conduit spews of embracing inclined surrender,
Drench...Read More
Categories: swerving, beautiful, muse, nature,
Form: Narrative
Autumn Lady
Autumn Lady
Reanna with autumn hair and summer eyes.
Lady from afar here in England.
With such charisma, capturing her image in a blink of your eye.
Imagine that there was only ever one sunrise; that is Reanna's beauty.
As memorable as a waterfall, free...Read More
Categories: swerving, beauty, inspiration, woman,
Form: Blank verse
Why Can't You Understand

Emotions running like a
steam mill!
About to scream frustrated
because you don't understand
how I feel!
Asking God to protect
me and to help me heal.
Thinking I should have thought
twice, and yield.
Broken down to the knees I kneel!
From now on my heart will be hard
as...Read More
Categories: swerving, black love, care, conflict, cry, dark, heartbreak,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Deer

After the quiet snow
comes the grinding grit
throwing blind shrapnel
at windshields.

Night drives wind-horses,
stampeding phantoms 
that enter my glassy eyes,
then tug at the steering wheel
as I edgily negotiate 
the corners of swerving shadows.

Once, the hind hoof of a doe
slapped at my startled...Read More
Categories: swerving, poetry,
Form: Free verse

Always Wanting You
Dry as a desert and thirsty like a coyote…
Hunting for its prey with strength and envy
My coat of fur is shivering from the cold
My growl in the dead of night is so bold

I'm changing bit by bit and no one...Read More
Categories: swerving, angst, courage, emotions,
Form: Lyric
Did Learn About Daughter In Law
Did Learn About Daughter In Law

There was the time she would wear a turban;
Has usually been done in area  that is urban;
And consequence,
Seemed so intense;
Did bother us when she had been disturbing.

All issues avoided while she was swerving;
Had been...Read More
Categories: swerving, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick

It's dark.
The moon is a slice in the sky.
The canoe is gliding in the lake.
The dock is extending in the lake.
The trail is running by the lake.
The trail is curving by the water.
The trail is swerving in the trees.
The woods...Read More
Categories: swerving, moon, nature, night, summer, water,
Form: Verse
Driving late one night in my car
I hadn't gone very far
A bigfoot jumped right in front of me
Those big eyes were all I could see

He was big and bushy and that's not all
Had no neck and was ten foot tall
Turned...Read More
Categories: swerving, animal, fear,
Form: Rhyme
Market Day
Voices raised in merriment and mirth.
The shouting and touting of wares
Bustling busily through the crowds
Baskets of fresh fruit and veg held aloft
Weaving and swerving to avoid collisions
Some standing to examine the stalls
Others haggling to get a good price
Friends in knots...Read More
Categories: swerving, death, evil, happiness, horror, joy,
Form: Free verse

My Coupe
Drove for miles to discover my self 
From swerving in tight corners
To full speed on freeways,
A red coupé with dynamic design
From it's aerodynamics to all it's features,
GPS system like omniscience: 
So I never get lost!
To its auto-drive: the super will...Read More
Categories: swerving, deep, identity, image, imagination, life, self,
Form: Narrative
All That Was Sparta

Our lusty voice was in the tramp of narrow, winding,
     Scree-littered, deep-rutted roads;     
 Ravens, uttering guttural croaks, slow-wheeling above      
   Vast, resonating, steeply plunging...Read More
Categories: swerving, myth,
Form: Rhyme
Keep Walking
Go on your way
My beloved daughter,
turn aside from the swerving path;
untangle your gaze
to center on Christ.
Stand in courage,
hugging wisdom.
Protect your thoughts
leaning upon pureness of the heart,
release what's behind
and you shall walk on in joy....Read More
Categories: swerving, daughter,
Form: Free verse
Life Of Avian Deception


Serrated wings spread wide on wandering wind,
it glides smooth in sly trail of swerving sinister way 
in timid sky eyeing the vibrant landscape to find
through the focused hawkeye the unwary prey.

Slim ballerina legs leap in stride of...Read More
Categories: swerving, analogy, bird, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Rude awakening
Am sure it was a competition 
To see who could wake the humans
The cockatoos started the show
With their flamboyant flight
And ruckus callings
joined by the mad galahs
Their screeching an radical swerving 
The crow just looked on
Its bland call to high and...Read More
Categories: swerving, bird,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Time Clock
Tic... In just this moment
(adjusted for time)
its movements drift forward and toward a tic then toc with trending motions set ever correct with its ticking tock sound 
its now
then and then
past tense
again and ever again moving with perpetual motion tick
ever...Read More
Categories: swerving, moving on, time,
Form: Free verse
Reflection Mindset
I I’m constantly rehearsing 
On my versing 
Never sliding or swerving
My Rhymes play
Like a wordsmith
I’m Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult
Remembering to stay humble
And claim my guilt and my fault
The Wisest Man once said what’s the use
If there’s no saltiness...Read More
Categories: swerving, bible, black african american, god, growth,
Form: Free verse
Reflections in a puddle
I see me, 
seeing me..
In the surface of a reflection...
I see the past, the present
And a future not yet mentioned.
Who am I on the opposite side
Of that reflection?
This man that lives and breathes
With all these scars
I seem to have collected...
I...Read More
Categories: swerving, beauty, deep, life, remember,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member There Is Still Hope
Some put on their blinkers.
Others do not.
Some are listening to the radio,
Hopefully something tasty and hot.

Some pass on the left,
Others pass on the right.
I am down the middle,
Watching the traffic, oh, so bright.

Some are looking at the cell phones,
The vivid...Read More
Categories: swerving, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member WORDS AFLAME

    I cling to reveries of hours, the ardent
Reflections from flowering summer’s root,
That in my journal moment,  the crimson skies 
Are aglow with tulips long as floodlights:
Then I burn phrases the way one does in
A flamed...Read More
Categories: swerving, desire, writing,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Crossing the White Line

Ebony drunk  and burnt rubber   sienna swerving,
I crossed the white line ...
And tragically,
with emotional intensity,
word vehicular hit a vanilla-colored human being

My coal senses were belly dulled 
by the intoxicating,   sepia pleasure liberating pang
Released from the...Read More
Categories: swerving, anxiety, color, psychological, race, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Republicans Self-Serving and Unnerving
Republicans Self-Serving and Unnerving

Republicans are not straight  and swerving,
And always have proved to be self-serving;
Never savior;
Poor behavior;
Trying our patience while being unnerving.

Jim Horn

...Read More
Categories: swerving, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Zigzagging
The mind flits left to right
Like a moth to the light
Forward and back seem so simple
Appearing as immutable principle
Doubt rears its ugly head
Then we try the opposite instead

Thinking stuck in the primal abyss
Leaping out to a false premise
Landing on a...Read More
Categories: swerving, humanity, introspection, judgement, life, philosophy, truth,
Form: Couplet
Put Out Doubt
I am bound in the chambers of doubt
I want to run His ever-redeeming Route
Believing in You is getting more difficult, so difficult
Faith in You has been disappearing…and it’s my fault

I must trek these mountainous tribulations or I’ll be in dire...Read More
Categories: swerving, angst, conflict, emotions, endurance, pain, passion, words,
Form: Rhyme
The Crow
A baby crow
cowers in the street,
trying to hide from kids
from dogs
from well-meaning people.

Its parents fret noisily,
its mother raps her beak
sharply, angrily, furiously
on the telephone wire.

A war party of crows
gathers in the giant firs
to protect the tiny one
but how?

Cars go by,...Read More
Categories: swerving, animal,
Form: Free verse