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Romantic Sweet Poems

These Romantic Sweet poems are examples of Sweet poems about Romantic. These are the best examples of Sweet Romantic poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Down A Path With Nature
Quote By Poet: "Morning arrives when the brilliant sun first kisses the earth."     
A new morning is now arriving

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Categories: sweet, butterfly, dance, flower, joy,

Premium Member In My Pretty Garden
In my pretty garden, 
I see a new blossom.
Each morning the flowers,
welcome me with their silence.


I love to see the swirling butterflies,
going in for...

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Categories: sweet, beauty, flower, old, silence,

Premium Member I Miss - What I Miss
I miss true friends,
today people want to have it their way.
I miss the ocean,
pretty blue waves with white caps.
I miss being a child,
when life was...

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Categories: sweet, dad, friend, heaven, home,

Premium Member The Cheese Wars
It's a new day as the hot sun starts,
here reporting on the cheese battle.
Overnight the wine and cheese taverns,
moved in for the cracker spread.
The cider...

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Categories: sweet, food, fun, giggle, sun,

Premium Member When Summer Is Gone
It is time to get back to school,
seeing all our missed friends.
Closet cleaning and shopping,
we need some warmer clothes.
The beach and pool have been,
sent on...

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Categories: sweet, beach, food, friend, fun,

Premium Member Goodbye Dad
Quote By Poet: "Tears are rain from the eyes."

When the phone rings,
it is 1:30 AM.
A doctor saying,
your dad is gone.
How did I manage to say,

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Categories: sweet, beach, girl, love, mentor,

Premium Member Island Time Is For Me
Island time is for me 
watching the deep blue sea.
I am truly set free,
there went a yellow bee,
loving naps under the tree.
#3 Island ~ Rhyme...

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Categories: sweet, freedom, joy, love, sea,

Premium Member Three In A Tub Nursery Rhyme
We ride the sea of blue,
as the wind blew.
Mounds of white grew,
it is soap not glue.

Have you meet the three men?
Bill is a writer with...

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Categories: sweet, blue, boat, fun, giggle,

Premium Member BUNNY - POTD
Bunny very cute
Under a big bush sleeping
Now she is awake
No one knows you are my pet
You and I friends forever...

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Categories: sweet, animal, cute, fun, giggle,

Premium Member AI
not for me.
a raging robot
now taking over the world.
what will we all do when ai comes for you....

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Categories: sweet, giggle, how i feel,

Premium Member Take a Book, Leave a Book
Put your reading glasses on
My heart's an open book
See the words I write for you
Come and take a look
Little snippets, fleeting thoughts
A novel it is...

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Categories: sweet, for her, i love

Premium Member Sea Glass
Years ago,
we walked the beach.
Our footprints,
were left in the sand.
The salt water,
licked our bare feet.
A shiny piece stood out from the sand,
our first glimpse of...

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Categories: sweet, beach, friend, fun, happy,

Premium Member The Donkey vs The Tiger
Hold on to your many stripes
Before you blow out your pipes
I can hear you loud and clear
Stop acting so cavalier
Cool off then ride on one...

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Categories: sweet, animal, giggle, humor, uplifting,

Premium Member Where Are We Going
When we are young we may ask,
where are we going?
Life is a long winding road,
filled with adventure.
Will we stay in our hometown or, 
will we travel...

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Categories: sweet, art, beauty, life, write,

I could not whisper the story
Tongue touched, 
a diaphanous zephyr of ephemeral desire, 
rustles the parchment of our sepulchral scripture, 
where our connubial covenant is inscribed,
in the cryptographic ledger of...

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Categories: sweet, appreciation, beauty, confidence, courage,

Book: Shattered Sighs