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Suspects Poems

Suspects Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of suspects poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for suspects.

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Coronavirus microbe COVID 19
Coronavirus microbe (COVID-19)

(alternately titled: yours truly doth mutter
asthma bowled dug gutter 
pin yon hated chap strikingly and gently weeps, 
whereby melts milquetoast like butter.)

Aye reckon eyes aforementioned 
entitled microscopic organism
doth strain credulity threatening 
Homo sapiens left agog
stupefied, whereby mortality 
of...Read More
Categories: suspects, 11th grade, 12th grade, beautiful, husband, leadership,
Form: Free verse


The mysteries and, of course, the murder
are all revealed in a parchment envelope
marked ‘Confidential’ 
and placed beside Mr. Boddy 
along with his deceased wealth of knowledge 
in the cellar.

Professor Plum, noted metaphysician,
sipping sherry in the conservatory
points out that we see...Read More
Categories: suspects, games, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Snow at School is so Cool
To the windows the students all go.
To get a closer look at the snow.
The teachers began shouting although
Santa fell down from the sky down below…

The school was in a frenzy from head to toe.
Santa was yelling his “ho, ho, ho,...Read More
Categories: suspects, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Candy Caper
  My halloween candy went missing one day
  The usual suspects came into play
  The clues were quite easy to unveil
  The culprit had left a candy wrapper trail!

 The trail ended at little brother's door
...Read More
Categories: suspects, candy, halloween,
Form: Rhyme
By Parizo Van Thulare 

Now you realize life after matric is not child's play 
Now you realize nobody chose to stay 
Now you see the reasons beyond the grinding 

Being independent is not as easy as you thought 
Bieng a...Read More
Categories: suspects, inspiration, life, memorial,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Orchid Mantis
Petals of Beauty
Showing up the Flowers
Hiding in Plain Sight
From Monkeys and Birds

Orchid Mantis, 
Does her best 
To wait casually, and quietly
for her dinner to fly straight to her.

A predator dressed to kill,
She eats up her tasty beetles
and butterflies in front...Read More
Categories: suspects, animal,
Form: Free verse
Military Industrial Complex out to enslave the masses/
Save your asses from these genocidal, dangerous facists/
They’re releasing gaseous anthrax to take breath outta me/
Our Social Security Numbers are used for their death lottery/
The Bermuda Triangle is a training zone used to...Read More
Categories: suspects, america, political,
Form: I do not know?
maybe i am a butterfly
i unfurled my wings
only for you
no one suspects i am a butterfly
or possibly a moth
they all think me a worm
who is slightly related to sloths
but for you i am irredescent
i shine
i glitter and sparkle
flutter and flap
because you are the weilder...Read More
Categories: suspects, love,
Form: Free verse
David Icke
remains untarnished
after years of abuse
he is now a respected
figure, although he remains
prone to the usual attacks
from the usual suspects!

Alex Jones
has been removed
from You Tube
and other platforms
his bigger than life
persona attracted
the good,the bad
and the ugly

Tommy Robinson
has been removed
from all of...Read More
Categories: suspects, conflict, life,
Form: Free verse
Rehashing History: Legendary Lizzie
Lizzie Borden took an ax
And gave her mother forty whacks.
When she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one.

Whoever wrote this jump-rope song
About Lizzie Borden got it wrong.
Though she did give her stepmom ax whacks aplenty,
By the coroner's count...Read More
Categories: suspects, history, humor, murder,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member Broken Pieces of My Soul
Broken pieces of my soul, whispering
In ears that have run off in the night, 
Refusing to hear.
Angry always.

Mouth smiles, for no reason.
Glad ears are gone.
Never liked them anyway.

Smile rolls her eyes, 
Wondering which personality
She will choose not today, but the...Read More
Categories: suspects, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Am I a collaboration
Am I a collaboration,
Or should I refer it to my imagination,
For further consideration.

I know my parents part in the collaboration,
My Aunties and Uncles are suspects worthy of consideration,
And my teachers I am sure wrote the odd notation.

I lived in a...Read More
Categories: suspects, absence, analogy, change, community, crazy, culture, hope,
Form: Imagism
Injustice has been nailed
To the cross
Poverty,the garbage-lines
Have to go
Suspects I pray you'll get to know
That Jesus loves you
And that He'll make your evil hearts
Brand new
Injustice is such a petty thing
But in the midst of joy
Only Christ can bring
Through Christ the...Read More
Categories: suspects, corruption, discrimination, faith, freedom, hate, heaven, violence,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Hell is Here to Stay part one
The angel of the lord

Appeared on TV sets
All over the world

 src="" alt="" width="255" height="198" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1229" />

People woke up
Expecting to see
The usual suspects

Talking heads
Talking drivel
Talking trash

A stern visage
A stern old man
In a dark suit

He had a salt and...Read More
Categories: suspects, anxiety, dark, death, evil,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Undercover
 The detective peeked through the keyhole
 As he gathered clues at the scene of the crime
 He knew the suspects well, but things had spun out of control
 And had for a long time

 A heavy object had jammed...Read More
Categories: suspects, anger, love hurts, passion,
Form: Rhyme
When You Know
When your boss calls you aside and asks
why you are smiling all the time
on the salary he gives you,
you know
he suspects you of raiding the till.

When for three or more times
your girlfriend cannot keep a date
because she’s  so busy,
you...Read More
Categories: suspects, funeral, granddaughter, humor,
Form: Prose Poetry
hell is here to stay
The angel of the lord
Appeared on TV sets
All over the world

People woke up
Expecting to see
The usual suspects

Talking heads
Talking drivel
Talking trash

A stern visage
A stern old man
In a dark suit

He had a salt and pepper beard
And long, dark black hair
And piercing blue...Read More
Categories: suspects, america, bible, hate, religious,
Form: Free verse
A Mother's Fear
I drink in her fresh powdery scent
Scent peculiar only to a baby
Baby cuddles up to me with trust
Trust in eyes that stare back adoringly
Adoringly I smile back with joy
Joy almost bursting seams of my heart
Heart now nudged by fingers of...Read More
Categories: suspects, africa, baby, child abuse, emotions, international, mother
Form: Free verse
Bulletproof Vest Palpitations

It’s Faint Paddies Day
from my oxy scarce commuter view

At this Rocky Mountain skin altitude,
death is always on the dispatch menu

Faint Paddies 
be sweating onion fear on a ghetto roll
Cry babies
be diaper blues potty wailing —  
Siren screams taking an...Read More
Categories: suspects, fear, society, truth, wisdom,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Troubled Client
My most troubling client
told me he died last night.

While this did not appear to be his somber case,
nor, sadly,
did my home office silently resound
like this was his actual historical peace,
I did conjure up sufficient energy
to ask why he thought so
or...Read More
Categories: suspects, death, dream, health, humanity, humor, nature, tree,
Form: Free verse
Ran Into Elvis Jesus and Your Memory at Walmart
          Ran Into Elvis Jesus and Your Memory at Walmart

Left toothbrushless  mine pilfered 
along with shampoo,deodorant, razors and other such
found me wasted in Walmart
Thieving Gnomes at the last homeless shelter...Read More
Categories: suspects, lost love,
Form: Free verse

Rick had said, “We’ll always have Paris.”
But would they?
What happened to Rick and Ilsa after the movie?
“One flight up—I live above a saloon, that’s true.”
Bergman disappeared into the sky, Bogart and Captain Renault walked away in the fog, past the...Read More
Categories: suspects, character, culture, film, history, lost love, war,
Form: Free verse
Unwise To Flex Macho Muscles
I save my love in the cave
Where she roams free
Shoving aside the pride of the stave
Whose tentacles disagree

With the quality and quantity of care
Love demands in return for expanding horizons
In which she’s the key player whose flair
Dominates and dictates the...Read More
Categories: suspects, poems,
Form: Free verse
The Humpty Dumpty Case
Humpty Dumpty's job was an important one he knew
a secret service agent looking for clues
sitting on the brick wall as a lookout man
as the kings parade caused horse traffic jams

Looking around for any suspicious suspects
he looked up and down, right...Read More
Categories: suspects, humor, murder, nursery rhyme,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member In The Moment
 The plot thickens in a whodunit thriller
 As I try to figure out who's the killer
 Which character will be on the hook
 As I turn the pages of my book

 Each page turned unravels the mystery
 Some of...Read More
Categories: suspects, murder, mystery,
Form: Rhyme