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Father To Son Poems

These Father To Son poems are examples of poetry about Father To Son. These are the best examples of Son Father To poems written by international poets.

To My Son
Son, let your mouth strangle silence - 
The silence that breeds pushovers
For profitless is the burden of a caged tongue
When spikes in thy bottom doth...

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Categories: son, africa, anti bullying, encouraging,

Premium Member Chapter 66 -- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY: The Leo Legends Age
Date August  10,  2040
Damian roused Molly from her
Pleasant dream just because 
He wanted to make love. She
Drowsyly responded to his 
Belly caressing, "Yes,...

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Categories: son, birth, black love, confidence,

Premium Member From Father to Son
may not be Socrates, can yet be wise,
may be not Gandhi, but you can be nice,
not like Elton, that does not make you hoarse,
any vista...

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Categories: culture, family, father son,

Premium Member The Evil Monster Who Lives Here
I am lost and I really never found myself.
I was existing  in my life,
With a monster.
I was having nightmares at night and,
Having to relive...

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Categories: son, abuse, anger, bullying, child

Premium Member a day that ends in night

We Look For Holy Moments, 
And In Looking, Overlook

Moments Blessed And 
Filled With Things
From Mountains We Once Shook.

Small Events Unfolding, 
Each One Smaller, Briefer Still.


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Premium Member Father Son
Helicopter spins
From father to son
Embrace two hearts
Spinning together twirling about
Laughter filled 
Tumbling down 
Reckless in abundant
As the candy corn overwhelms 
Sugar induce crazed 
Falling down...

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Categories: son, boy, candy, family, father,

Premium Member For The Lord is Like a Father a Father to Me-
Tender and compassionate;
He holds me close to His spiritural chest;
My Father;

For the Lord is like a Father;
a Father to me;
The Lord our God is like...

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Categories: son, analogy, appreciation, devotion, father

My name is Cousin Paulie
My name is Cousin Paulie,
Average bloke in an average job,
Father to a daughter who was killed by a virus,
while neutropenic from chemotherapy,
Son to an 89...

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Categories: betrayal, daughter, father, son,

Premium Member Hallelujah To the FATHER-To the SON
Let the people of the world say
Some of them say there ain’t no way in…
With all the troubles and turmoil in this day
Seems like there...

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Categories: son, analogy, appreciation, dedication, devotion,

Message from a Father to a Father
Random thought while dining at an eatery somewhere in Port Maria, crowded eatery , 
Lot of chattering around , youngsters, families, but a conversation perked...

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Categories: son, abuse, character, children, father,

The job of a father
The job of a father

The reason we get married is to have children
With the woman that we fell in love with
To make a life with...

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Categories: children, father son, wisdom,

The last conversation of a dying father to his son
When I die, take care of your mum, don't stand by my grave to cry
I see everything, they say that I'm dead, but I don't...

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Categories: father son,

Mud Pies and Mackintoshes
Splidgy splodgy, squishy and squashy
Time to find Dad’s old mackintoshy
Time to jump in the puddles so deep
To splishy and splashy, and cover his feet
In glorious...

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Categories: father son,

Father to son
A father's love is shown no meter
fail it will not, no not a teeter 

A ray of sun the way it stands
a glass worn aged...

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Categories: son, allegory, father, love,

Premium Member Natural Spiritual Counseling
Hello, dear Eldest Son,
and what are you feeling entitled to today?


CliffNotes on Christianity.
You mean like Christianity for Dummies?


No, no aspersions intended.
I'm wondering...
Maybe some context would...

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Categories: christian, earth, father son,