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Love Simple Poems

These Love Simple poems are examples of Simple poems about Love. These are the best examples of Simple Love poems written by international poets.

Diamond of the Sea
of the queen
Lost in a heartless

Beneath me,
is where you'll be

Flying over whatever
is left
Of my sanctuary

of the queen
Drowning in dreams

Dreams of clarity
Freeing me
from love's insanity...

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Categories: simple, beauty, deep, flying, imagery,

Premium Member A Simple Story
A Simple Story 

Little child finds upon a heap of rubbish
Favored threadbare rabbit of tawny velveteen
One eye missing
Cloth rubbed to shiny by little hands.

Beloved bunny,...

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Categories: simple, animal, childhood, life, love,

Premium Member The Simple Word

The flashy words he deftly chose to seduce,
and with practice these became florid.
One word he once inadvertently let loose, 
that he had kept for long...

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Categories: simple, hate, lost love,

Premium Member It's Simple
She was a plain homespun girl.
She was his precious Pearl.

She wore everyday clothing.
He spoke of them betrothing.
Her hair was unadorned.
If she was away he...

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Categories: simple, girl, missing,

Thank you Jenna May have been Simple but meant a lot to Me
Sometimes a day just like any other

That began or started carrying
forward all of yesterday's woes
into yet another 

Can sometimes just end up availing
that sinking feeling...

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Categories: simple, thank you,

Ode to My Humble Toaster
Oh, my beloved toaster,
How you start my day with delight.
Your warm embrace, a comforting boast,
A breakfast staple in every right.

With your sleek design and metallic...

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Categories: simple, history, hope, loss, love,

Connective Tissue
A sacred connection, an unlikely pair 
Those who were strangers to love, became familiar with its scent 
A shocking revelation.....
A vibrant flame emerged from the...

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Categories: simple, devotion, loneliness, love hurts,

Valentine's Day card to my mom-- 1989
Be mine
Be mine

Be my

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Categories: simple, 2nd grade, cute love,

Premium Member A Simple Poetry Man

Well I'm just a simple poetry man
With rhymes about joys of the heart
Living in this fantasy kingdom of words
I turn on the switch and it...

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Categories: simple, poets,

Premium Member A Simple Pleasure, a Nap
Little one, you fight so to stay awake.
Believe me when I say you need some rest.
Just close your little eyes, for goodness' sake.
Of Life's simple...

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Categories: simple, sleep,

Premium Member A Simple 'Good Morning'
Brought to me this morning 
Lighting up my day
Under wraps so warming
Everything to say
Bereft the night before
I missed the conversation 
Returned to me once more...

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Categories: simple, i love you, i

simple love
It’s as simple as
a child plucking  a rose
from a neighbor’s flower bed

It’s as simple as
her mother’s kiss on
her thorn-pricked thumb

It’s as simple as 

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Categories: simple, love,

Palpable Aversion
It’s pure as fresh snow 
and as pale as a ghost.
It’s the shade on the light spectrum
that I loathe the most.

A beluga whale, the milky...

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Categories: simple, color, funny, hate, how

Premium Member Simple Simon
keep it short
to the point
else I’m lost

I’m nervous
breathe easy
take it slow

reclaim now
love and light
by God’s grace



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Categories: simple, hello,

Coffee for Dad
I feel sorry, and quite disappointed in myself -- even mad
In retrospect, that I neglected to make coffee for my Dad

He drank coffee every day,...

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Categories: simple, father daughter, grief, how