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Actually Thankful For Unexpected Happenings

my heart is full and not crying
for the first time 
and i thank you

my mind is filled with happy thoughts
for a permanent change
and i thank you

my body is completely stress free
for once in my life 
and i thank you

my life itself is blessed with the company of your love
for now and forever
and i thank you

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Thankful For Your Love In the Most Perfectly Rhythmic Pattern

rhythm is lovely
music is essential
you are beautiful
i am complete

beats are infectious
the day is pure perfect
your smile is the perfect vacation from time
i am enamored

jazz is the precise selection
the skies are as blue as your natural beauty
i smile at the gentle sway of your walk towards me
i am truly blessed that you chose me
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Thankful That You Know My Nomenclature

a falling star is a snowflake on my tongue
a kiss from you makes this old man feel mighty young

an ocean breeze is a careless stroll just because
an embrace from you is the dissipation of what one was

a winter afternoon sun is a daydream feeling free
a smile on your face inspires a rejuvenated energy in me

a mountain morning sunday is a breathtaking vision of nature
just knowing that you love me makes me thank God even more that you know my nomenclature
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For Linda-Marie

My poem is dedicated to a very special friend,
" Linda-Marie "

Fate was very cruel to her
On her face hope always shines
Roses for her indomitable courage
Love for her defined grace
Inside she'll hurt sometime
Names of friends will comfort her
Darling of everyone's heart
Always there to give laud
Myself so honored and thankful
Another friend to cherish
Reminiscing words of kindness 
Immense love given myself and all 
Ending this poem with hugs and kisses

Written by Andrew Crisci
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A Rare But Welcomed Entry

i am thankful that i allowed you into my makeshift mystery
you are like the rare type of time traveler that successfully changes my history

whenever you are here, rainbows laugh and play
whenever you are near, all sadness and depression goes away

you light up the vibe of my world like the brightness of the sun at noon
you give my new steps a rhythm that makes me feel totally in tune

i pray everyday for a forever that will take us many new spaces
with you, the settings of my life's artwork consists of many different faces

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Your My Love and We Share a Beating Heart--


If I had to settle for anyone;
Just a someone who believe as I do--
in the God of heaven;
All mighty creator;
You my love I believe I'll chose you;
For with all my heart you are my love;
Whether we're together or apart you're my love;
We share a beating heart;
Why? Cause you, I and God;
you are my Love---
I, 2, 3;
The joys you bring unto me;
Woman of God I am so thankful;
God my Father;
You my darling;
We all share a beating heart;
Of which we're never part;
Both of you 
you are my love and we share a beating heart;

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr.2019©
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God Knows Chemistry Proper

sitting indian style underwater
learning to breathe easier
when i float back up,
she greets me with a smile that is all her own
she squats down to kiss me
i smile and pull her back for another
two people who once loathed each other finding common ground in love
God Knows Chemistry Proper

watching her sway to sheena easton's 'morning train (9 to 5)
making cheesy tuna pasta, texas toast, and a salad for us
holding back tears for missing what i missed for all those years
wholly thankful for personal growth and maturation
my heart so full of love in ways so wonderfully unexpected
her smiling back at me with a love so refreshingly obvious
two people now noticing that life is what we make it in sincerity's wisdom
God Knows Chemisty Proper
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Love Poem Number 2

The first time I glimpsed your beautiful smile,
I couldn’t believe you were real, my ideal!
Your beauty captured my attention and soul ,
I could sense it immediately, you make me whole.
Now the distance between us and every moment apart,
is so painful and sad, it blackens my heart.
For you, my heart longs, your gentle, kind touch,
Your smiles, your pure love, its all just too much,
For my lonely sad soul to be far apart,
I crave you, I need you, you are my sweetheart!
Now that you have come into my black and white world,
Color abounds, and rainbows unfurled.
A new joy in my heart, for love once again I am filled,
A new hope, a new faith, happiness re-instilled.
You are my true joy, and hope for forever,
Im thankful for you and Im glad were together.
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Which Was the Son Who Is Your Father

Which was the Son,  WHO IS YOUR FATHER

Which was the son 
Of all man
Where does he come from
Comes from
We have
same Father
Which was the son of Adam 
Which was the Son of God
Some of us had three Fathers
In our life
One Spiritual God the Father
One Spiritual Lucifer/Satan Father of lies
One natural physical dad "you fill in the blank_______________"
My father name is
Are you thankful
Question is you know who your daddy is
Have you repented are you temporary one of Satan's kids
As Maury Povich would say, "Do you know who the father is?"
"And the results are in ____________Your daddy is?, 
"Satan, you are not the father"

 Which was the Son,  WHO IS YOUR FATHER

St. Luke 3:23-38

written words by James Edward Lee Sr.
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Just Three Letters


Just three letters
That represents just three words that mean more than a profession, that mean the best on earth.

I have personal experience of their dedicated care and compassion. I would shine a candle for them in the darkest night. I would for them stand and fight with all my might.


Not just three letters
Not just representing three words
Without their care and compassion we’d be in so much hurt
So, next time you get the opportunity to be thankful; you better stand and clap. Because these hero’s amongst us for you would never take the slack.

Just three letters 
But not just three things. Dr’s, Nurses and carers and all the support that their care brings.

Be thankful that they are there because no matter what colour your skin, you’ll get the very best care that humanity can bring.
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I Am Not the Solid Island That I Thought I Was

without you, i would be 
an ostrich with my head
in the dirt

with you, i am a king holding
my head high

the message on the door to the
maintenance guys was a cry to God 
for help

frigidity has no mercy on the one that
struggles and wonders 'what next'

when you came along, i forgot the 
definition of a globe and of hope

now i play with the colorful, bouncing
rubber ball of life

i let said ball bounce all the way to our 
next destination of discovery

you make me so thankful to God that i 
decided to answer the door that cold,
dark night of sheer confusion

if i didn't, then i would still have hurt knees
and an offensive body to this very day

i guess i can now admit that i am not the
solid island that i thought i was

growing older is the most natural inspiration
for pure truth and clarified enlightment
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Always Available

Wherever you are, wherever you go
I want one thing for you to know
You never have to feel alone
Isolated or unknown

You're place is high up on my list
For me you always will be missed
And I will always talk to you
I always want to, that I do

I look forward to your text
And then the next and then the next
I really think the world of you
I standby waiting, tried and true

And sometimes hours may go past
Even days, they don't go fast
But I will still look at my phone
It's sometimes I who feel alone

Yet I am thankful that you're there
And you know how for you I care
Anytime, I am here
Waiting for my bluebird's ear

To tell you things like how you sing
So wonderfully, and how you bring
Unfeigned smiles to my face
Or dreams of being in a place

Where I can bring you things in bed
Like coffee, breakfast, or instead
Just sit with you and watch the snow
While I tell you how I love you so
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The Love of a Good Man

The Love Of A Good Man

In his arms you feel safe

Anywhere with him is your favorite place

He doesn't judge you and knows when to give you space not to bug you

At the same time all you want is him in your space

Close your eyes and still see his face

In his eyes you look deep and know he is the one you want to keep

Before you go to bed at night he is the last one with whom you speak

Taking over your dreams when you are fast asleep

Your heart flutters when someone says his name

Falling in love don't be ashamed

He would never try to harm you with strength he helps arm you

Your his baby his wifey but not his boo

Only he knows what to do

To put the smile upon your face

Neither of you can be replaced

That person you meet once in a lifetime

But will love to the end of your lifeline

He motivates you has your back and loves you good

So as you read this and smile be thankful that you have

The Love of A Good Man
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A Nightingales Slumber

I bestow my eyes upon the most captivating of creations. 
Her breath soft and steady as she falls more deeply into her slumber.
I listen as the silence she lay in becomes disturbed by the lingering sound of her breath as it escapes her lips.
I watch as the light begins to dance on her skin.
Utter adoration filling my soul as i softly stroke her porcelain cheek.
Bubbling laughter now fills my mind as a sweet smile is formed by her perfect strawberry lips.
I become lost at the sight of her beauty so peaceful as she rests beside me.
I drift in my thoughts taking in every part of her perfectly molded satin skin.
My nightingale so strong yet so poise.
In the early hours of yet another graciously granted morning i lay speechless..... I am taken by you! My love! 
All i need all i crave nothing more than a mere reach away from my touch. 
I smile as i bask in your ambiance.
As i close my eyes and draw you close i am thankful to my nightingale for another perfect ray.
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I La La La La Love U Part 1

Woman of God
You are
Ever faithful
Always so adorn
Ever worshipping thee Lord
For this I' thankful
In this I do declare, that I
That I

I la la la la looe you
I la la la la love you
I love, love, love, love, love you so

You and the Lord
Are more than worthy
And I love you, I love you so
Yes you the Lord and God
I love, love, love, love, love you so

You beat the odds
In this I am so proud
Woman of God
You are
Splendid your beautiful
And the color of your faith
The Lord has enlisted you, oooh

So pure and you
Endure your blessedness
Is heaviness
In this I do declare, that I

I la la la la looe you
I la la la la love you
I love, love, love, love, love you so
You and the Lord
Are more than worthy
And I love you, I love you so
Yes you the Lord and God
I love, love, love, love, love you so

You are an irresistible worshipper
You beat the odd 
In this I am proud
Woman of God
You are
loved and I la la la la love you

written words by James Edward Lee Sr.
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Hey what happened,
I started this journey from no where or perhaps the stars.
There you were
We shared so much for strangers,
didn't realize that two people could have so much in common,
always felt misunderstood
until I met you.
We talked on the phone for hours
just like the kids we've raised,simply because,no special reason
other than well,it's natural.
I enjoy you and the time we spend
I don't know you yet I feel I do.
I look forward eagerly to see what tomorrow will bring.
Now I ask myself how this can be,
or is this perhaps what I deserve.
Not quite sure how I should feel,I mean is it to soon.
I think about you as though you were mine.
My head calls you baby but my voice out of respect,will not.
The fear of offending you stands high,will that be alright or should I wait.
I know that I enjoy you and time will tell which way to go.
I will be the man I am and and hope for you that would be enough.
I'll let god and nature take it's course and just be thankful for you.
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Reminders As Remedies

you remind me that i matter
that means oh so much
there are teardrops falling when you are sleeping

you remind me that i do inspire
you have no idea how much i longed for that
when you are not looking, there are times when i am weeping

you remind me that i am truly cared for
i have massive amounts of filed prayers on that issue alone
when you are running errands or are at work, i find myself actually cheering

you remind me that i am worthy of a friend
i remember staring into space wishing and praying for that very thing
when you have the door closed while taking your bath, i sigh relief that i am no longer fearing

you remind me that i can be loved
words cannot describe my personal road trip journey with that
when your attention is focused on cooking your dinner or watching the soaps, i simply crack a smile

you remind me that i am not the only one
i never thought that i would be thankful for that
when i just look at you in the sway of the day by day, i cannot hide the fact that i just flat out love your style
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I Never Got To

I never got to love you.
Not the way I wanted to.
I never got the chance to wake up in your arms and see just how you start your day.
Because way too soon you took you away.
All you gave me was pieces and parts.
Little fragments of a broken heart.
You never gave me the chance to fit together the pieces of you.
I came prepared with tape and glue.
You never let me show you what its like to have real love, a real relationship.
Because before our love could sail off coast, you abandoned ship.
We spent sweet time that I’ll always be thankful for.
But truth be told I am still left, wanting more.
I wanted to fit your pieces with mine like a giant puzzle meant to fit.
But I’ll never get the chance because on us you decided to quit.
I wanted to see what we could be like as a whole.
But you ran, you left, you wont let me, you let go.
Weren’t you curious about us, didn’t you want to see where this would lead?
Or are you still running from your last relationship, still waiting to be freed?
If you ever want to change your mind and see this relationship through.
I’ll be waiting right here with my tape and my glue.
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Listen up’ here’s the scoop, and honorable day is coming.
It’s a day to celebrate mothers celebrate special woman.
Without mothers this world would be miserable and would be a real shame.
With them on the scene there is no nonsense raising children it’s not a game.

All of “us” who were blessed with a mother.
Know she is the only one and she is special above sisters and brothers.
She has always been there for her children and their problems.
Blessed by God, her job is to teach, heal, pamper as she takes care of her private kingdom.

Special in every way it’s the hardest job in her life and the best job she could have.
Staying home to provide the best schooling in life, teaching them morals and how to behave.
All of “us” who have had loving mothers should be truly thankful.
You know you have only one, and we know were blessed and are truly thankful.

The standing rock of the family she is the one that binds the household together,
She has undeniable love for her children, devotion that lasts forever.
Putting her career on hold putting it aside to be with her children to raise.
She is deserving of all allocates we can give them, thanking her on this day with love and praise.
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Loving You-Valentine's Day

Hearts and flowers on Valentine's Day
Heart shaped candy help me say
I love you in a special way
Because love is the reason for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a special time
For songs to sing, for poems to rhyme
A time for love, a time for bliss
A time for hugs and that special kiss

Your love is special in my heart
I truly hope we never part
I truly hope that now you see
Just how special you are to me

It's hard to tell you how much I care
If you need me, I will always be there
To wipe the tears when you're sad
To make you happy when you are mad

Know that all these things I will do
Because of the love I give to you
The time grows nearer for what we've said
The time grows nearer for us to wed

But then comes the pain and sorrow
And the sadness we see er'  tomorrow
Gone is our son we wish were here
This is the reason we shed every tear

"Keep positive and keep your faith" is what they say
In our shoes I wish they'd wake each day
Thru love and strength it will all be real
Thru love and strength we will finally heal

My love I am so thankful to you
For loving me but that's not all you do
It's because of you that I am still here
It's because of this I love you so dear
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What If I Never Found You

What If we never met and never fell in love? 
When I was down, who would be there to pick me up? 
Even when I want to be alone I'm still trying to be around you
I wonder where I'd be if I never found you 

Sometimes I say the wrong things, but I always try to be respectful
With the way I put you down, some may say that I'm neglectful
Then I pick you back up and hold you close
I'm a private person but you're the one that I show the most

You provide me with a voice even when I struggle to speak 
You have the ability to take away the troubles in me
Some people won't like the way I use you
I care deeply, but some might say I abuse you

You've had many lovers, but that doesn't bother me
Because I'm thankful for what you offer me
Sometimes I've contemplated what I actually need you for
But when you leave me for a while, I realise that I need you more 

Even if I wanted to break up with you, I couldn't leave you quickly 
I don't trust many, but see, you fixed me
That's why I need you with me
Nothing compares to the release you give me

You stayed by my side even when you could have left
When the world judged, you understood my mess
Sometimes we become distant, but I hope to always have you close to me 
This isn't about a girl, this is my love poem to poetry
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Always and Forever

Here I sit your running through my mind.
I'm laying on this bed just trying to kill the time.
I often think of your beautiful smile. 
The thing I haven't seen in awhile. 
I wonder if you and I will stand  the sands of time?
I'm so thankful that you are mine. 
Are you willing to go to the end of the line? 
Not knowing what were going to find. 
Will you grab my hand not knowing where were going to land? 
Will you close your eyes and stay by my side? 
So we can start this unforgettable ride. 
But here I can't stay. 
So baby take my hand come on come with me.
Lets start this new life you and me.
Well be alright you will see.
We can only grow from all of this.
So trust me babe come here give me a kiss.
Get over here climb up on my lap.
Lets go back to us lets close this gap.
Your my lady your my love.
Your everything ive ever dreamed of.
I'm glad I laid down that ring.
Cause me and you are the real thing.
Only god knows Ive gave you my whole heart.
That scares me to death cause I don't want us to fall apart.
You and me were love at first sight.
Everyone watched and said yeah right.
Your the light to my life.
Your the only one I wanna call my wife.
I want you now and forever.
For use to part no not never.
I want us to grow old and die together and truly say we were together always and forever.
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My Best Adventure

I have walked many bumpy roads in life, I ran into trials, obstacles and strife As I celebrate this special day, To my best adventure I have this to say: Many prayers I have said, Most of them seem unheard But God works in mysterious ways, And I learnt that it pays to pray. He protected me when I struggled, Gave me courage when I mumbled His timing is perfect, that is His nature, He answered my prayers through my best Adventure My best adventure taught me Kindness, Brighten my home with Humility, Filled my sight with prudence, And for this, I lift my head with dignity. Though I am not yet the man I prayed to be, I have faith this adventure will shape me. And I could never be more thankful, Believe me, this blessing is plentiful. I will let my adventure lead the way, See the world before my eyes surrender Make the best of life before time flies away Color, with memories, each day on my calendar. Now, there is a proverb I will never disparage. “There is no cure for love other than marriage” That is why today I say to you as I bend a knee, You are my best adventure; Will you marry me?
I composed this poem for my now fiancée on the day, with the help of our family and friends, I did a surprise proposal for her on my birthday dinner.
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That Friendship Fortified By Their Bond

The dusty face of the happy firefighter
is gladly licked by a dog with a thankful attitude;
she doesn't mind the strong stench of fire
on his wet uniform and reacts as humans do.

If this dog could talk, we would imagine the emotion that will ensue...
what she will say to him a big, loud "Thank You!"
Grateful for her life, but much more for her pups...
although she lay on the top of them to spare them burns.

Dogs are for sure man's best friends...I wonder who said that and when!
Here's the proof that they still rely on that friendship fortified by their bond!
So dog and man helping each other, delighting one another to the end...
when brothers and fellowmen can't get along, but spill useless blood! 

Who couldn't be moved by this heart-warming scene when the fire started?
Perhaps even a human wouldn't be as grateful as this dog really is!
Animals fear us when our intent is not humane, so they turn against us...,
but we as intelligent beings, refuse to soften our hearts that often remain cold.

Treasure the image of the firefighter and the dog: it's a trust that grows;
post it everywhere where folks can see it...this amazing story must be told!
And whenever we see dogs, or other animals in danger, let's rescue them!
It's our duty to do our part, and in return, they'll forever be grateful to us!
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The Weeknd's Music

girl you're out looking great and plan to enjoy the night
You're out to have fun because your ex didn't treat you right
the way you're looking at me made me ask if you need some help through it
You smiled and said "Let's go back to yours and make love as we listen to the Weeknd's music" 

the look in your eyes tell that you need a passionate night filled with excitement
your heart is almost over him and you need to finally kill what's dying
You're ready to have a real smile after having to deal with crying
You want a night with a man that's real and enticing

the way you're dancing let's me know you're ready to leave behind the sadness
I'll take you to kiss land this weekend because I see a beauty behind the madness
When I get your body to feel the type of satisfaction that your heart avoids
You'll see this is what you live for and then call me a Starboy

is it a coincidence that Weeknd's oir favourite artist or is it fate? 
as our stories combine, will it be happy ending or the rough draft we have to erase 
the picture isn't always as beautiful as it's painted
but girl I'm thankful that we're acquainted 

to get over your ex you need a night of passion with a new man
Drink the night away while you proceed to dance
You smiled and told me you want me to help you through it 
You giggled and said let's go back to yours and make love while we listen to the Weeknd's music