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Middle School Poems

These Middle School poems are examples of School poems about Middle. These are the best examples of School Middle poems written by international poets.


In bitter sorrow,
We still sing Amazing Grace: 
Faith knows no souring…

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Categories: school, analogy, black african american,

Premium Member An Animal Haiku Trilogy
Bumblebees buzzing...
Erie irritating sounds:
“Ouch”! bees also sting...

Confined to his bowl,
A fish, seemingly talking,
Jumps! wiggling free...

Penguins standing proud,
Poised as if to soon take flight,
Flap their wings…then…splash!

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Categories: school, animal, fate, hyperbole, irony,

Premium Member NO CHANGE



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Categories: school, allegory, america, analogy, black

Doing is Happening
There are imaginary lines to mark locations in a map
Horizontal parallel layti are latitude lines.
Vertical khari lambi are longitude lines.
Four directions to go

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Categories: school, art, class, earth, education,

Premium Member Confessions of An Elderly Dweeb
In grade school, I tried to blend in, I really did,
thought kindergarten was o.k., til spat on by
another kid,
first grade, last to be picked to...

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Categories: school, 8th grade, 9th grade,

Medieval Poems V
Medieval Poem V

A Proverb from Winfred's Time
anonymous Old English poem, circa 757-786
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

The procrastinator puts off purpose,
never initiates anything marvelous,
never succeeds,...

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Categories: school, earth, england, love, middle

Counting snakes at stake.
Bringing a skate
to roll straight out
of my mind

Counting doubts and thoughts.
I wanna see it let out.
Living the experience
of being out of place


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Categories: school, angst, beauty, color, emotions,

Medieval Poems II
Medieval Poems

Wulf and Eadwacer
(Old English circa 990 AD)
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

My people pursue him like crippled prey.
They'll rip him apart if he approaches...

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Categories: school, angel, england, love, middle

Video Games and Hallucinations
After grueling sessions of
Guitar Hero 3,
I would often look to the mirror
to my right
and marvel at how
my vision was affected...

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Categories: school, 8th grade, children, christmas,

This Disease
It began by taking my heart
attacking my immunity
warming me up as hot as fever
leaving it broken in disunity.

It traveled on, to my mind
destroying on its...

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Categories: school, 10th grade, abuse, addiction,

Hyper Eccentricity
Cleanliness I absolutatingly fear...
For I only luv the mess I see,
It makes me believe I am not alone
In this sight of a messed-up and lonely...

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Categories: school, 7th grade, character, confidence,

Nostalgia bytes
Photo of old school
pops up in Facebook newsfeed
the kind I can feel

yellow sky, edged brown
as golden sugar cookie
when you know it's done

the bright almond sun

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Categories: happiness, memory, sad, school,

Andrew Clements
can't stop till I read
every single one of them
why -in-the-world- not?

good, bad, in-between
virtues, vices, and feelings
it all takes me back

youthful nostalgia
library psychiatry
free book catharsis

my inner-school-self

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Categories: books, middle school, nostalgia,

Survival in middle school
Alarm rings as cock a doodle doo
Mama shouts get ready for school
Jumped out of bed and wore uniform soon
Went to the bus as fast as...

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Categories: school, 11th grade, 8th grade,

Let's relive that night of nebulas.
Toga night, fearless night!

With Aphrodite dancing clearly in
their sight.
Eros casts his sexual might,.

Let's dance in bewitching circles of Aegean mystery.

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Categories: school, fantasy, love, lust, middle