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Sympathy Religious Poems

These Sympathy Religious poems are examples of Religious poems about Sympathy. These are the best examples of Religious Sympathy poems written by international poets.

Gentle sway by the Centre
Gentle sway by the centre

The bell tolls for thee
Most Gracious servant 
bearing thou to thy deserved rest
And as thou art earthly borne by men of...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, prayer, religious,

Premium Member A Dark Dialogue pt1 of 3pts
There it sits…
in the dark corner a hollow thing bony arms skeletal

Is it grinning 
There sitting closer in shadow even in Light.
Black Eyes staring. 


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Categories: religious, allegory, allusion, analogy, art,

Premium Member TERMINAL
My head spins as the noise from the crash echoes in my head. I sit up in some kind of terminal with strange trains bound...

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Categories: religious, adventure, allegory, allusion, angel,

Premium Member WINTERS HOUSE
Black, bare in despair 
alone to nowhere 
On a corner crossroads to everywhere
Sits a house half-forgotten 
a house full of itself and memories

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Categories: religious, abuse, allegory, art, bereavement,

Premium Member Without Baggage
Reborn here now without baggage,                    ...

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Categories: religious, color, cry, home, light,

Premium Member Winner
There should never be
a loss as great as yours.
If you can possibly look

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Categories: bereavement, death, inspirational, religious,

Praying out
 I want to stop fighting the darkness and feeling so stressed
I'm up all night fighting sleep I feel I'll never get good rest 

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Categories: deep, depression, religious, sad,

Premium Member Daniel
Daniel                        ...

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Categories: religious, sleep, strength, wisdom,

I Propose
I propose love is not the answer
It’s not what brings us together in our lives
I believe it’s to the contrary
Perhaps that’s the flawed reasoning in...

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Categories: religious, appreciation, deep, growth, i

Taken to Heaven
Please take my friend to heaven
For this to you Lord I implore
Don’t let her at all suffer
I pray for this not to happen anymore.

She’s been...

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Categories: religious, christian, death, emotions, heartbreak,

Babylonian Anthem
Thou, O king, hast made a decree, 
that every man that shall hear the
sound of the cornet, flute, harp,
sackbut, psaltery, and dulcimer, 
and all kinds...

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Categories: bible, patriotic, religious, truth,

The Treatise of the Illustrious Sage on Response and Retribution
Canto I: The Words of Laozi  

The Divinely Illustrious Sage  
Prays for every soul to heed:
That neither woe nor weal
Heaven has foreordained,
But wrought...

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Categories: religious, blessing, heaven, humanity, judgement,

God's Gifts
God's Gifts

Food enough to feed His people
Land for each to have and share
Waters fresh to quench our thirst
Scents of flowers in the air

Many strong to...

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Categories: religious, christian, devotion, god, inspirational,

Maybe...for example, with love...
There will be no clemency...
We go round and round
In the world of small circle 

I don't know you today
You can know me...

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Categories: religious, cute love, deep, forgiveness,

What is life???
Life is a journey
Life is a puzzle
Only the correct pieces to be connected
Connected to complete puzzle
Pieces which differ from size & shape
They made...

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Categories: adventure, devotion, life, religious,