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My White Tiger

As I sit here and ponder the question of how humankind deserves you...
As I think of the luxury and comfort you deserve...
I return to my senses and rebuke myself- How dare I think I can comprehend what you deserve?!  

See, you are a perfect reflection of God's image of human creation 
You are a Goddess, my white tiger- a rare breed
You are refined and elegant, my living sweet fantasy 

Your words soothe my doubtful soul
Your character quiets my blaring mind
Your deeds never cease to leave me in awe 

You are such a contradiction of modernity 
Yet so complex that the former times just cannot claim you 
You are a definite wonder!

See, you are not of this! You just can't be 
You belong in a paradise somewhere- where people are not fans but followers of Christ
But you are gentle and modest enough to lead humbly because you know who rules over your path 

An African, a Black, Christian, Powerful Queen you are!


Copyright © Tholoana Mohale