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Still holding your hand 
from afar like it matters, 
you, or anyone but me
walking your quaint little village 
after dragging me out of bed 
for your morning coffee, 
I had to get out of the crowd 
but I took too long in doing so
sweat on the neck 
should have left before the inevitable plea
not much time to ponder 
on my decisions though grateful to be free
Answers in the silence 
before your return
what you had to put up with 
getting you on my side, 
always in vain
cynical synthesis 
continued repetition 
I don't belong out there 
forever wanting to leave 
bringing the nice day together 
crashing to its knees
experience will hold me up,
I'll tidy the flat, prepare evening's meal
knowing the cold shoulder upon arrival 
will take some doing
How many lives I have left? 
Remember when you were caught in the rain and I came running, 
the little things. 
I tried to block every one out but you'd just responded with 
"stop looking at me".
head down looking at the feet, 
tired of seeing passing eyes, 
what is it they see? 
In contact along the way, where are you now? 
"Clothes store",
I'll light the halls with candles, 
the messages are blunt, 
straight to the point
What is it about out there? 
I have music within, a gentle touch
Can't deny the heat, 
the beauty of others, 
we could take a walk when they're all asleep? 
To be a part of it then, 
is it just to bear witness?
If it's the air 
I know a quiet place we can go? 
"What a bore".
Tonight's proving to be difficult. 
There's not enough wine, 
I know, I do not mean for you.
resulting in the words, 
"We are moving to the big city". 
So we sleep, 
stroking your arm as you dream 
staring at the ceiling, 
we are so different it's affecting the balance, 
hard to admit 
is it so selfish 
to ask 
just continue 
to lay beside me?

Copyright © Lee Norton


Book: Shattered Sighs