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An Important Discovery Hushed-Up As Usual

Burly men hauled her onto a fishing village beach.
She was rotund, impressively pump,
                                                    it took a while.

Her proportions made her ideally suited
for floating on her back
            though she hardly had ever did.

Groups of curious onlookers gathered.
We all waited for a marine biologist
                          or coroner to arrive.

Surprisingly her fish tail was graceful
some peered closely to see if there
was a seam or a theme park logo anywhere.

No such clues could be found.
She was, they all agreed, the real deal.
Unfortunately she was beginning to smell.

Some posited that the recent sea-bottom drilling
for off-shore windmills had disturbed the eco-environment 
                                             of this part of the coastline.

Whales had turned up dead, sharks were seen belly up
and clueless. People were stumped.
                          It was a big topic around these parts.

Soon the small crowd drifted away, 
many had fish wives of their own, and about now 
       they would be gutting and cleaning mackerel.

Myths are hard to keep fresh,
in this case buckets of ice were employed
              as she was carted off to market.

Copyright © Eric Ashford