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She dances in bright colors wearing red ballerina shoes

Valeria Valdermare once was a young ballerina who coveted a pair of red ballerina shoes.  Oh! how she truly longed to grow up to become a prima ballerina!  But alas! She was last in her class. All of her peers sneered and ridiculed her not only to her face.  But behind her back in her absence. She possessed neither beauty nor grace. How could she continue bearing her heartbreaking disgrace?

Valerie worked harder and longer than the other ballerinas in her age bracket.  Her teachers and their assistants took pity on her. They wanted to have her parents discharge her.  Why should they waste their hard earned money on more lessons?  Maybe Valeria should try something simpler by becoming a book worm?  She certainly did not have any athletic nor dancing abilities! 

But Valeria had a secret weapon.  She had her very own fairy godmother, Blue Morning Flower.  Her charge Carnation Pink Mayflower, was a younger fairy godmother of her exact age. It was Carnation Pink Mayflower who was awarded the higher honors.  

When Valeria laid sleeping in her bed, Carnation Pink Mayflower. Tap her brown haired crown three times.  Proclaiming each time,"Valeria, your wish has been granted unto you." Valeria dreamed she saw her in her nighttime visions.  She had always believed in both fairy godmothers and pixies.  Her parents never tried to get her even once to change her mind.

The next morning, there was a carnation pink wrapped present besides her princes' bed.  She discovered her coveted red ballerina slippers.  Grabbing her presents in her small hands. She ran downstairs and showed them to her astonished parents.

The next ballerina class session, Valeria put on the red slippers. When they began the practice warm up routines.  Valeria noticed the difference they made.  What used to be very difficult became easier.  Her dance routines were also vastly improved.  She astonished her whole class! How they envied her red ballerina slippers!  Her childhood dreams of being a world renowned prima ballerina had just come true! She would dream and dance in bright colors!

Love as always,
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy Lea 1954
Roxy 1954/ October Country
June 01, 2020

***Inspired by Hans Christian Anderson's "The red shoes."

Copyright © Roxanne Dubarry