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We said goodbye

You and I

Tossed a coin

Who would cry

You won

Time went by

You went on to marry Joe

I got blown up

From head to toe

Along came baby, Jill

Your pride and joy

Such a thrill

I started the long road back

With a dummy leg, I nicknamed Jack

It was hate at first sight

Throwing him down every night

Sadly, Joe passed away

Your life crashing down

That fateful day

Jack and I changed tact

We sort of made a little pact

I wouldn’t throw him down

If he walked straight on the ground

You came to terms with your loss

Went back to work

Still the boss

Now you and little Jill

Moving on, moving still

I had finally trained Jack to run

Not very far, granted

He still moaned at will

But I told him straight

Tomorrow the hill

The sun was shining

Good day to go out

Drive into the country

Out and about

Right Jack, today’s the day

Do not upset me in any way

Just try to keep straight

Is that okay

Mummy, look at all the sheep

A cow, goats

Mummy, horses too

What’s that, Mummy

Jack decided to leave him on the downside of the hill

Rejoining him at the bottom

Leg with no thrill

I swear to god I will shoot you dead

Looking up at an Angel and a little girl in dread

Been a long time, Tony

Still running I see

Hope when you said shoot

You weren’t meaning me

No I was talking to Jack my leg

He hasn’t quite mastered running yet

Reminds me of a girl I once knew

Oops, that girl would be you

So you called your leg after me

That’s real sweet

Maybe that’s why she keeps leaving you

Wouldn’t you agree

I think you could be right

Having had lots of time to reflect in the small hours of the night

So, who’s this lovely little girl

This is my daughter, Jill

I know what you’re thinking

This fairytale came true

They got back together

Like they’re supposed to do

Alas not

Well, not till Jack mastered getting down on one knee

I mean, how hard can it be.

Copyright © Paul bell