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Lost in Sorrow A Sad Christmas

Winter takes in its arms weeping stars as dawn draws in. The sky turned from black to a steel gray; snow rest upon the roof tops and yards revealing the ingrain coverlet beauty. I walk the halls naked in the depth of despair and death; deep darkness devours until hollow. My mind spins to inner depth, lost in sorrow. I pine and die inside. Looking for comfort, but you're not around. With winter outside my heart weeps like a child. Where have you gone? Demented baneful hurt, come out of your tomb be gone for all eternity. Once your hands touched my face and with your eyes you said I do, that Christmas day. Now just a fading memory. Your light grows dim and I've inherited the pain. 12/11/2018 Poetry Contest : 'A Sad Christmas' - December 2018 Writing Challenge - Sponsored by: Dear Heart

Copyright © Eve Roper