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Where on Earth

(not that ye wondered, 
but simply tubby like totally tubularly clear
The Epic of Gilgamesh will not be extolled here).

Though thoroughly well mapped, parsed,
     scrutinized vibrant wonders zoom
plethora, sans newly discovered life forms
     cradled with fecund Gaia's womb
abound within unlikely places

     such as mossy bearded faces
     nestling, pronouncing,
     and regaling pharaohs sarcophagus tomb
oceanographers also find organic entities
     adorning, kickstarting,

     and thriving within extremely
     remote temperature zones,
     where just enough telly tubby wiggle room
prevails for microscopic
     Verizon patronizing Grand Poobah

     barking orders unicellular viziers heed,
     while latter bedecked 
     with itty bitty plume
invisible to the naked eye, yet within
     subatomic world wide web
     bit players air heir loom
appearing larger 
     then cereal grain re: life,
     an arrogant, bumptious, and conceited Don
     doth trump his young

     unbridled, reprobate, and ornery baron as groom
material to check mate
     distracted checkered populace,
     where raucous, rebellious, riotous
     majority lumpenproletariat fuss and fume

cuz gaudy Mar-a-Lago hiss poe tate
     tow headed (faux towering
     Taj Mahal doppelganger),
     via slow vac didst suck socialist rowdy
bot tinny Rajah,

     whose apprenticeship to exhume
(pro bone know) spy bots
     miserably condemned from the get go
     as president erupted rabidly trying to doom
rousing, scenting, and trawling

     non-convincing "witch hunt,"
     yet incontrovertible evidence carelessly
     swept hurriedly under the rug
     (by Russ Shins) via broom,
thus a sudden spike

     visa vis master card er...
     comeuppance will bring ringleader down
     with strep away poison
     nano trumps all abloom.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Now in summer re:
     this Dom minion doth attest
intention to write
     a boot equinox got out best
head, although pleasurable
     to loose imagination off chest

so thank you for
     letting me be a cerebral guest
and dilly dallying,
     cuz another writing assign 
     requires responding
     to Matthew Scott Harris's behest!

Copyright © matthew harris