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Golden Pen

 Let there be Light
 against the grain my aura burns bright,
 a Golden Pen for the Heavens I ascend the High Rise
 consecrated, sealed a Nazarite,
 through the perils of hell seek with Christ sight
 I'm the Aristocrat of Archetypes,
 courage is the mantra, fearless I march
 it's the union with God that sets men apart,
 let the fire protrude from the sword of Holies
 the Kingdom reigns within, this is Divine testimony,
 through wisdom salvation is attained
 we are liberated as Saints,
 triumph through with pillars of faith
 because belief is the key to a new age,
 subdued by lower vibes so elevate
 be in God's image, we were born this way,
 I breach the Heavens to attain the crown
 because that is where truth is found,
 to conquer this fallen world arise towards new heights
 because times are dire, it's the lies we pacify,
 above the material a sacred code
 where Immortals and Kings abode,
 the way out is in that's how the Triumphant sows
 seek where the few dare to go, 
 we Warriors Of Light, conquerors of time
 overcome with wings the filth and grime,
 take flight with the Buddha mind
 the Golden Crimson Shrine,
 beyond the flesh the treasure chest
 a trove of spiritual wealth, in bliss the soul rests,
 overcome the rot of greed and gluttony
 because less is more, find the eyes and see,

 SUBLIME, on High Grounds, we are the VICTORIOUS!

Copyright © Aram Sarian