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A Kindness Poem

Just lend a hand to the one in need
Put a balm on the cut of the left palm
Give your lips to the hearts that bleed
On the torn canvas paint a Psalm

That day on the bus to the 3rd street
I kept standing an arthritic knee
A girl for a while looked at it
Offered a seat with her eyes in glee

An old man sinking on the dirty sands
Foul smell from his gasping breath
Mother Teresa held him in her  smiling hands
A glint in his eyes he met his death

Storms raged in my sounds of fear
A heart-shaped woman’s face held me tight
Whispered the velvet words into my ear
Roses of delight I smelt that night

Just broaden your room as much as you can
Fill the air with the scent of your love
You will be an angel, whether beast or man
The cold hands will have their gloves

 8 June , 2020
Kindness Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Regina Riddle

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