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Our Southern Border

What are they thinking! How can this be?
Our southern border- unguarded and free.
"Come one, come all," he approvingly says-
This- from the mouth of our now US Pres!

We'll provide you with money, bus tickets too-
and even airplanes to transport you to
one of our States, whereby you can enroll
for benefits paid- through taxpayer toll.

No testing for Covid or any disease;
just pass through quickly, we're here to appease!
No checking arrests, convictions- once jailed;
with us, you start fresh- bad incidents, veiled.

What are they thinking? This just isn't right-
hundreds of migrants sneak in day and night;
some bringing drugs, others committing crimes-
causing huge problems and uncertain times.

What are they thinking? How can this be?
To this plan- most citizens will disagree-
pushed to the back seat with this insane rule-
making each patriot feel like a fool.

Perhaps it's the votes that they're looking for?
Dangle the prizes- and see ballots soar
to cinch the elections coming this year?
Is this what they're thinking? Oh, such a fear!!

Great were the good days when immigrants came-
helped build our nation with pride and acclaim;
followed the process- gained citizenry;
loved being part of their newfound country.

April 8, 2022

Contest: U Choose Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Anthony Biaanco
Theme Chosen: Open Borders

Copyright © Sandra Haight