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A Floating Market on the River

Floating  Market on the River

A Thailand tradition 
Large sun umbrellas 
And boat roofs or hoods
And Asian conical hats
A bucket of cracked brown egg shells 

A grandma quickly whips up 
Egg, oyster and fresh, crisp bean sprout
In rice flour batter

Raw and cooked food
Vendors sell garden produce 

And cooked food
Prepared right before one’s eyes  
Plantain, banana, bean sprouts 
Coconut sugar, syrup and fresh coconut 
Poof- a cloud of smoke surround the cook

Another vendor grills meat on skewers  
She makes chicken, liver and sticky rice

Tart and sweet star fruit

Steamed sticky rice, coconut milk , sugar and banana inside its leaf
A sweet Thailand tamale 

A live band: saxophonist, keyboardist and vocalist plays for donations

Fried quell egg
Fresh and dried spices 
Fresh and dried sea food: shrimp, fish 
Grilled scallop
Cooked noodles
Cooked squid, prawn, crab and fish 
Green papaya salad
Boat brewed coffee
Soda pop
Distilled water 
Blood cake 
Rice noodles 

Marckincia Jean 
Free verse

Copyright © Marckincia Jean