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The World I Once Knew

The World That I Once Knew

I watch from distant shores
The World that I once knew
Changed, disrupted, breaking,
And lost in deadly shadows,
The World that I once knew.

The World that I once knew,
Drifting aimless in a sea of fear,
No tether do I want
To the World that I once knew.

Breath slows, eyes dim,
She is out of reach
The World that I once knew,
I question what I want from her,
Our lives as they once were?

For as I glance around me
At what we had created,
I see things as they really are,
Turned to our delight,
The World just as we wanted.

Then just as I believed
That we had killed her heart
With burning things, and too much power
She returned to her delight,
The World I wished I knew.

I watch from on the shore
The World that I now know,
Breath of life in her creations,
Songs of birds, breeze through leaves,
The running of the river.

Now I know what I must do
For the World that she created,
For us, to breath, to live, to love,
Not take and try to break her,
My life I give, a watcher, a care taker,
For the World that I now know.

Copyright © Jackie Bowler