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change the opening theme and we gotta deal

from the tagboard media group.....
the Kelp Seaworthy Report....

Kelp)......... did you know, that Saturday Night Wrestling
returns to the Mid-Town Civic Center
get your tickets now..... we know the people In Dolbane 
like there wrestling.. and we gotta line-up
for you!

They negotiated to get his contractual release, and they got it!
he's straight out of Japan, fresh off his
tour as Champion
he came back to the U.S. for one reason,
he's looking for gold, tomorrow night
Main Event Wrestling and Pro- League Sports
unite to give not only the fans, but these men
the opportunity to
set the pace of how things should be.
" Rite Gripp" Stubby Stumps makes his return
as the partner of "  Whiney" Izzy Best
they go up against
" the worlds Finest"
Maddog and Bellows, the world tagteam champions.

" Ziggy Mellows   and "  Proper Time " Midnight Gitty Banex
go head to head in a " taped fist slobber knocker"
 only the referees count or a pinfall, or submition can create a winner

"CityBoy" Dingle Dewright goes one on one against
the " Hoedown Hillbilly, get the ring reinforced the HoeDown Hillbilly
had breakfast in bed.

former Tag team Champions
Members Of  the Urban Nights ( Hawk Menace and Starboard Eagle)
will meet Japanese Sensations: Koto Rin Tanko and Ensue Daeun
get ready for some high flying hard hitting ring action

In the main Event
 " Whizzer " Engul Summers will challenge the former World Champion
Lavish Usain Trisp in what is expected to be a wrestling epic " contenders Goldmine Classic" winner gets  a championship bout at venue of his choosing.
rules are simple
best two out of three falls.
first round is submission match ( figure four verses Glanders Clasp) or a pinfall
second  round is no Dq
the third round ( if necessary) will be
a stance start- con Ness Te, the ref will restart each decision and the bell keeper, and an outside ref will
tally points to make a winner.
get your tickets and come on down, we got a lot of wrestling for you!
enjoy the preshow with The Pretty Women of Venice Band and chorus>>>
come on down and bring the family with ya!
this has been the Kelp Sea worthy report!

Copyright © Allan Terry