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I am a Bad Boy

I am a bad boy
XXX and NC-17 qualified,
I frequent the easy streets in a leisure zone
and walk with a swagger.
I own my time
I own my dreams
I have my own plans,
I am the center of my domain--
I, Me and Myself,
I waste no time to appease nobody,
I know what I want and
ain't afraid to go for it,
I don't just sit and mope
I got to get up and get going.

I am a bad, bad boy,
I don't suffer fools easily,
neither  a politician nor a priest,
I'm impatient with small talks 
wading through friendly BS.

I am honest and don't beat around
the bush – foreplay is a waste of time,
I go for the main show.
I am cocky and like to tease--
A lighthearted back-and-forth
keeps a relationship passionate and fiery,
I engage in verbal swordplay.

I am a bad, bad boy,
I don't want to get caught praying
or coming out of a confession,
Neither would I like to be seen
drinking beer or champagne,
A Jack Daniel's on-the-rock kinda guy,
Hair messy and slight stubble,
least to smile, chewing a dead cigar,
twinkle in my eyes, a gold tooth.
Adorned all over with pledge-of-love tattoos
I'll stand up for my girl and fight,

For I am a bad, bad, BAD boy
But, a good, good, GOOD man!

~"Who do you think you are" contest 
   by Caren Krutsinger

Copyright © Abdul Malik