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summer feast

a secret rendezvous in the woodlands

trees dripping with soft morning dew

moss giving rise to our mounting desire

oaks seeding life and naked adventure

pining for cones of passion and pleasure

nature knows best how to release sorrow

in bed with soft undergrowth and canopies

base instincts foundations of new growth

an ocean of love passion and kindness

drift wood for shelter pebbles and shells

summer storms surfing a shoreline retreat

beach hut full of memories and reflections

tanned skin beach towels and seaweed

fog horns a lighthouse guidance and sun

flooding remembrance high tides of joy

nude commemoration of the cycle of life

mountains ridge in tune with our raw union

waterfalls cascades rapids wild water rides

meandering streams join a delta of delight

a kestrel approves and showers ovations

hollowed in granite resolve a cavern invites

to get in touch with karma and circular path

of an earth spinning tell tale meaning of life

a short spell of warmth after a timely solstice

while logs on winter fires gather in our souls

marshmallows melt on their own suspense

lavender scent mixes with cinnamon fragrance

mingles in anticipation of mid afternoon glow

as the days become shorter our longing remains

joins our blessed hips mindful of marital promise

the pure knowledge of winter heightens the moment

for when we get old our youth still holds us together

27th June 2020

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann