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A Born Poet

It is apparent from the first quick sight,
From a cursory glance at the birth chart,
That here was a man who was born to write,
Who could take words and make them his art:
Born June 13, with a Gemini Sun,
The astral sign of communication,
With Mercury ruling and dignified,
Thus was his destiny in life begun,
But there is so much more information
That reading this natal chart will provide.

Mercury conjunct the Part of Fortune
Indicates a fortune made through writing,
And Mercury has yet another boon,
To make this prospect all the more inviting:
It rules the fifth house of creativity,
Which means that his urge for self-expression
Would most probably be mercurial;
This is a most gifted nativity,
Showing sure success in the profession,
From impressive astral material.

We can then add an auspicious pattern,
Known in the astral trade as a "Grand Trine,"
Linking the Sun with the Moon and Saturn,
Free-flowing expression that can align
The creative instincts with a sure foundation,
The fulfilment of that huge potential,
The ability to give ideas form
From the depths of his imagination,
A process obviously essential
To distinguish genius from the norm.

Third house ruler, Mars, forms yet another trine,
Receiving Neptune from its natal place,
So that the two in harmony combine,
To energise imagination's pace:
This is an aspect that can enhance -
Since it links the second house with the third,
And shows a talent to communicate -
The poet's potential state of finance,
As income is derived from the written word,
As another trine will demonstrate.

This one links Jupiter, a benefic,
To both the houses formerly discussed,
In other words, to be more specific,
This person's earnings should be quite robust,
Since Jupiter is also dignified,
And sextile to Saturn, which its exalted,
And in turn receives the prominent Moon,
Career success may be amplified,
As, can be testified, has resulted,
Everything is happily in tune.

If all this seems too good to be true,
Looking again, there are flaws to be found,
Although admittedly to them is due
This poet's ability to astound:
Thus Venus with Pluto is obsessive,
Made worse by being with Mars conflicted,
This indicates the chance of rejection
Of a love that was far too possessive,
By which our genius stands convicted,
But he used his brooding introspection

To write some of the world's loveliest verse,
Worshipping the lady of his choice,
Within which his feelings he immersed,
Giving to them his most adoring voice.
The lady who rejected his advances
May have suspected his vows of passion,
He considered his own needs more than hers:
Poetry's history thus enhances
Through love's lack of fortune in this fashion -
From rejection great poetry occurs.

Jupiter well placed in the house of friends
Indicates their great importance to him:
With this theme one good poem begins and ends,
And might be described as a grateful hymn.
When he did marry, at a mature age,
Thanks to the ninth house exalted Saturn,
Which eventually brought to his life,
Though she seldom graces the printed page,
To her companionship he would turn,
Finding her a most congenial wife.

This man was fiercely nationalistic,
Proud of the land in which he had roots,
His early poems refer to the mystic
Legends derived from its first tender shoots:
With Mercury ruling houses fourth and fifth,
And, as stated, in the best condition,
Creativity connects to origin,
Prompting him to use his poetic gift
To celebrate national tradition
As part of his profession's discipline.

So let me conclude by giving due praise
To a man deserving of lasting fame,
With us the beautiful poetry stays,
I have coupled "genius" with his name:
Sun Gemini and Moon Aquarius,
He was destined from his birth to succeed,
A favourite, it appears, of the Fates,
He wrote poetry richly various,
Sowed from a most promising natal seed.
We all know him as William Butler Yeats.

Copyright © Beth Evans