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A State Of Mind Of Maine Of Florida

When the sun goes down in Maine
Ice defines the name of winter
Snow melts the hearts of children
Who step inside to play Monopoly
Fathers cut holes in the frozen lake
There must be a fish or two to catch

Florida hangs on to summer heat
To surfboards and hurricane waves
A flat land like an appendage clings
To the southeast bottomed out 
Like a broken leg or lost foot dangled on a map
And more than enough traffic to go nowhere fast
Dolphins chirp like swollen birds
They never heard of New England
Or of cold in the far north places
Where clouds swallow the sun whole
Including day light in one big gulp

Life remains the same in Maine
A long distance from the sun 
People wear sunglasses to blot out visitors
Who only go there to ski in winter

Heat is the only spoken word in Florida
English is a second language there
Lightning strikes, sharks attack 
Alligators and crocodiles coexist
Think of themselves as naturalized 
Blending in with the retired seniors
Who also view themselves as citizens 

Copyright © Earl Schumacker