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Tainted vision

Conditioned since birth by customs, family, society and ego
We go about with a clustered mind 
Complicating our simple life with our thoughts and self-imposed restrictions
We don't see a human as human rather we attribute adjectives to them
Innumerable adjectives to prove we are better
In the process, sinning again and again

We believe in all the false love of those around
We are often fooled by many daily
Despite our hurt emotions we believe others, serve them
We don't think of a solution
A permanent end to our suffering
A state of absolute bliss

We think we are the body, while we are soul within
Thinking body as us, we lead a strange life
Obeying the whims of senses
Trying to satisfy our ego
Seeking sensual pleasure day in and day out
Trying to prove we are right, we are the greatest

Trapped in the body, our real self seeks freedom from bondage
Since we cannot see it, we refuse to acknowledge its presence
We live a false life, a meaningless existence
Serving no purpose 
The skin we are so much attached to dies one day, we get another one
All our lifelong hard work and hardship becomes meaningless

Until we remove the dust that covers our glasses we cannot live in peace
How do we remove the delusion that binds our vision?
By reading scriptures, pondering over life, trying to understand it
By thinking deeply about the purpose of our existence
as against merely existing, copying others
By becoming detached from world and attached to God, 

When a person dies, what dies, 
What is it that leaves the body and we are declared dead
When a organ failure occurs we can replace and remain alive
This proves we are not any specific organ
With artificial respiration life goes on
Then who are we? What happens in death?

A deeper introspection reveals that we are not the body,
We are that which resides in body and when it leaves we die
To see the unseen, unknown, we have to end our thoughts.
When we live mindfully, without thoughts
We experience opening of chakras within our body
Kundalini raises up and we perceive our soul

Scriptures state we are a part of God
When we believe this with absolute faith
We see God everywhere, in everything
We experience respect and love surging  from within
While doing our tasks we feel we are serving God
Mind only thinks of God, we experience bliss and are liberated

In the end when every method fails
Just surrender unto Him.
Hand over this body along with soul to Him
End your ego, doership, stop worrying
Now it becomes the responsibility of God to liberate soul
And he does.

Verses from Bhagvad Gita which have influenced this poem : 
BG 2.22: As a person sheds worn-out garments and wears new ones, likewise, at the time of death, the soul casts off its worn-out body and enters a new one
BG 8.5: Those who relinquish the body while remembering Me at the moment of death will come to Me. There is certainly no doubt about this.
BG 18.61: The Supreme Lord dwells in the hearts of all living beings, O Arjun. According to their karmas, he directs the wanderings of the souls, who are seated on a machine made of the material energy
BG 9.27: Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer as oblation to the sacred fire, whatever you bestow as a gift, and whatever austerities you perform, O son of Kunti, do them as an offering to Me(God)
BG 9.28: By dedicating all your works to Me(God), you will be freed from the bondage of good and bad results. With your mind attached to Me through renunciation, you will be liberated and will reach Me
BG 18.66: Abandon all varieties of dharmas and simply surrender unto me alone. I shall liberate you from all sinful reactions; do not fear


Copyright © Rama Balasubramanian