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The Promise

Enshrined on tapestry crimson, ruby
Purple love scintillates orchid dreams
Flaunting sensuality of magical appeal
Waltzing sweet melodies of romance;
Oh, fondly I recall our first kiss now--
It was the promise of amethyst dawn!

Swaying in colors of pink, red tulips
Love in the prairies of yellow daffodils
Setting its sights upon indigo iris
Dazzles verdant fields on butterfly wings;
Oh, playfully I recall the allure of tease--
It was the promise of vibrant spring!

Embrace of love on the opulent horizon
Watching orange glow dip in the ocean
Glittering emotions as gilded waves beckon
Spurs in twilight arousal of passions;
Oh, gaily I recall the crush of nightfall--
It was the promise of quixotic sundown!

Love yearning for blazing red meadows
Whirling desires fiery amber, brown
Gazing at fervor of mulberry evening
Seduces your aura, caressing feelings;
Oh, happily I recall the dalliance of fall--
It was the promise of autumnal awe!

But the promise I treasure adoringly now
Was enunciated in the epigram of stars
By the prophecy of moon scripted above;
Oh, intimately I recall bliss of Shangri-la--
It was the promise of two loving hearts!

June 2, 2020
The promise poetry contest by Silent One

Copyright © Vijay Pandit