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An afternoon Ride into the Summer Fields

Nature fields summer wheat sunlight wallpaper | 1920x1080 | 254922 |  WallpaperUP At last, i got my dear old bike repaired With a solid axle, and a brand new seat Jiggling and wobbling like a proud turkey My crazy old bike had made me such angry But now, i don't have regret or sorrow For, i safely ride through the flat hills And regardless of all the money i paid My delight now, is much greater instead Happily cycling, like taking a pleasure tour Along the classy avenue "Champs Elysées" But, my real Champs Elysées is Nature And the fields of barley, oats and wheat The low deep valleys and the high hills The running waters, and summits' chill And my bike, dear two-wheeler Muse It follows my feet never does it refuse My feel, that day, took me far afield Up to the old bridges and far beyond The growing wheat for harvest, awaiting The merry sparrow in its nest, abiding And my little heart, a featherless bird Has just from its shell, freshly hatched Unable to swallow the earth's beauty Or fill my little eye, and feed my tummy And the old bike still rolling on dusty pathway Between the growing green and the idle furrows An empowered will of an out-dated wreck Can still hold on its back, a poet's bones Can a broken mass have a spiritual verve And carry a human load into the far lands ?? Against all odds, my bike has survived And can safely ride me to safe destination An open land where your eyes can but wander And your free feel, can pass low and high lands The two old bridges in the outskirts of the town Still hold firmly, to a solid ground from the past All around grows a mosaic of plants and weeds An arabesque charm to highlight the rocky structure And beside, bleat and yap give a Romantic vibe To the earthly paintings like a pastoral hymn
'' A dark,yet a bright past with a smart mind had left in its wake some nostalgic memories, A wise foe is better than a stupid fellow, a time to understand the pros and the cons '' The afternoon windy breeze starts to blow A light wave that i should ride back and go While a remote herd is winding its way back home Thanks to my bike for the poetic ride and roam

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