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An Honest Fate A Poetic Prose Stream Of Consciousness Effort Mix The Chapters Chapter Book

This book is under my short story's heading on this site. Have fun reading and rearranging the chapters as you wish! Lol! 


This is the 1st chapter! You can make any chapter the buffer chapter! Leading on to the beginning of any chapter! 

I will tell you the secret of this book. There are only thirteen chapters. Take the titles away, figuratively, and any chapter flows right into the next in any order! No matter how you would mix them up! 

Starting from the beginning of any chapter that you would choose to begin with, or end with, or; vice versa lol! 

Start from the middle chapter all of the ways to all of the chapters mixed in any order! To tell the continuing story just as you would desire to do so for yourself! 

"After you are finished with this book, well this book is interactive with the reader!" "Mix the chapters around, and start and or end any chapter as the ending or the beginning chapter! Moving on to the next chapter that you pick for yourself to read until your choice of the ending chapter!"  

Lol! This book is a book of alternate beginnings and endings! This book recycles itself! Your in charge of this effort, and also how this particular story begins and turns out! 

Open the next chapter in a new window or all of the chapters in new tabs firstly, to apply yourself to this effort! 

Follow the links to the next chapter, at the end of every chapter to do this, firstly. 

Then, close each tab and chapter when you are finished with each chapter! So you can take charge and also keep track of what you have just read, and; still need to read! 

Lol, have fun! I wrote this for an all mixed-up self! So why not write this book for everyone, that may just be like me? 

Lol, thanks for reading, friend!

Copyright © James Long