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Sheep vs Wolf

We act according to our fears.
Afraid of failure, terrified of victory finding refuge within the tears.
We sacrifice the chances of success for the certainty of death.
We weigh the risk before deciding, we dismiss the chance when it’s in our odds.
The world is full of danger, failure stories - we just want security.

Security, even as an illusion is better than doubt and terror.

We perpetuate our child's position on the social ladder for fear of losing another step.
We want like everyone else no less, we will not risk for more.
We are safe as sheep in a herd. Sharing our faith.
Independent thinking is peeled away step by step, with no room for creative thinking in the herd.
We Reduce the field of view so that we won’t see the outside world.
We are the sheep’s
We explore all the possibilities and decide as per interest
We are not afraid of failure. He who does not lose will not know how to win.
We're just learning from mistakes.
We know how to recover from a fall and return a punch for every slap.
To be honest we also feed on sheep.
We think independently and are not subject to any whim or regulation.
We choose the path of our lives and do not live the path set for us.
We love ourselves and sometimes too much.
We are privileged. Not by faith, by choice.
we are kings and the sheep are subjects.
Is there anything better than a subject who thinks he is a master?
We strive to live the dream.
We are the wolves.

Fear is not a stranger; we have walked many pats side by side.
We know the sense of security in being a part of the crowd.
We too have painted poverty in the colors of modesty, sacrifice, and family ...
We painted our failures with the shade of self-pity.

We lied to ourselves and believed. We believed cause were afraid.
We were afraid because we knew that we were not blind.
We chose to be blind.
 As we opened our eyes we saw.
Once we saw it, we understood. When understood it's easy to improve.
We are the wolves in the skin of a sheep, and we are not tampered with.

For all the sheep who want to be wolves and do not know how to open their eyes.

Copyright © ELI HAZAN