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I Felt Your Pain

When asked by a friend to be in on a panel
to participate in a discussion about a subject
matter of a very sensitive nature, I consented. 

When I arrived, I learned that it was going to
be live-streamed. I was very sensitive about the
subject matter, but out of respect for my friend,
I proceeded. However, had I known I would be a part
of such a video session, perhaps I would have declined.

After watching the video, I saw something that I hoped
no one else noticed. I was reasonably pleased with
what I had to say, but I noticed the movement of
a certain body part that clearly demonstrated to me
that I was very uncomfortable.

Let's just keep my display of nervous tension a mystery,
because my point here is not about me. Rather, it is about
something that another dear friend said to me many months
after that event. I was arrested and captured by her words.
Perhaps I have expressed such words of affection to others,
but I don't know if I had ever heard such words directed
toward me.

When I heard those four words, I felt comfort and love. The
feeling of that God-moment will abide with me for a lifetime.
From the depths of her heart, her words reached all the way
to the depths of my heart. In a moment, I was able to reach
back through the tunnel of time and capture the pain that I
was feeling at the time. In reference to watching the video,
she said to me, "I felt your pain".

My friend,EsTh

Copyright © curtis johnson