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Where are the Crowds

This is my heartache,
To be a witness and listen. 
The cries, from the heartbreak.
Make the sound on inside pain.
The saddest music of our times.
Drowning out the sound of joy.
A pause breaking up the games. 
By negative policies employ.

The compromise gives us all a chill. 
With an era of wasted energy 
Sabotage binge waiting with despise pill. 
To give time the thrill of fantasy.

Where are the crowds?
With feelings able to connect with.
They are the drowning cords. 
Singing with heartbreak drawn breath.

Where are the crowds we knew?
Lockdown in their homes.
Under preference review  
Participating in research measures.

Select silence to generate an audience. 
When the crowds are gone 
Much smaller, adrenaline stays the distance.
Prove there is more talent yet to come.
Misery can only last while it's wrong. 
We do not know where the crowds have gone.
Or why the torment has taken so long. 
But at the end, the truth will come.

Copyright © Gerald Legister