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Coffin up blood

After being bitten by a ravishingly hot Alien,
My body’s now host to her aphrodisiac Blood,
This tale is Cautionary to lustrous Vampires,
For indeed will not do your manhood any good,

I’ve become a guy of debauchery and Trickery,
A specialist in female vampish Abduction,
Just one drop of my venom, their Paralysed,
And Halloween is perfect for toxic seduction,

Unaware when I kiss them I’m actually Feasting,
But Diabolical side effects, take a pointed toll,
When finished must get home before sunrise,
Damn coffin lid won’t close, needs a glory hole.

Halloween Challenge Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Emile Pinet 

10 word challenge in order
stated below,

alien, blood, cautionary, vampires, trickery, abduction, paralyzed ,Halloween, feasting, diabolical

Copyright © David Kavanagh