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the case of the itch


elementary, my dear watson, an easily solved case for anybody versed in the verse palindrome as well as the cryptic code who in addition possesses a fundamental Knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, and evolution along with a basic understanding of Logic

"in and of itself bad, Pain is the only Objective Value for all conscious, feeling
 beings, for no such being desires an itch it cannot scratch."
                                                             --the epitome of private detectives

                                               *   *   *

                      hguoht kcolrehs re'en siht sisemen stcepsus
                          siht nialliv re'e ot niaP lla skcid stcejbus

                                               *   *   *

                                    a dedication of empathy
                         the Pain of all conscious, feeling di*ks

.   .   .

feetnotes to be or not to be inspected -- an elementary enough question

a helios couplet
may, 2022 -- trillions of clueless gumshoes on foot

"Document On Clarity" --
the enemy of any pleasure trailing a Pain,
meaning every pleasure--period.

P   U   P
"Prevent Unnecessary Pain"
to all conscious, feeling beings --
particularly the lame detective
G   R   O   G
the new and improved
"Golden Rule On Goodness" --
a Rational Ethic
with the motto
"get drunk on it!"
in lieu of on love,
the femme fatale of Reason 

.   .   .

the doc is in
with an elementary lesson on Logical Truths
beyond all Reasonable doubt
deduced from scientific Facts

the brain of every conscious, feeling being is a computer, a network of neurons as opposed to nodes, each neuron a nerve cell evolved to merely detect Pain in an attempt to mitigate or resolve it prior to detecting another Pain needing to be mitigated or resolved.

no conscious, feeling being has a "survival instinct"; it simply essays, whether consciously or not, to resolve Pain -- continuously.

if unable to resolve a Pain such as a lack of oxygen, water, or food, in time a conscious, feeling being dies -- on occasion Painfully.

every fear reduced is a fear of Pain.

each pleasure is either an alleviation or a resolution of Pain, whether the Pain be a physiological stress or "psychological" anxiety or sexual frustration.

the greater the consequent "joy," the worse the prior need to pee or poo -- or *rgasm.

every action of every conscious, feeling being is merely an effort to reduce or eliminate Pain.

the promise of easing Pain is everywhere advertised, from the strip mall to the strip club.

in an evident contrast to all other animals, the majority of human animals are duped by nature into having sex, the majority of human animals having a lower intelligence.

"happiness" is either the reduction or brief cessation of each succeeding Pain in an unintentional irony.

the happily ever after ending is preceded by the last Pain -- unless you believe in a hell hereafter, or a heaven where nobody is allowed to mast*rbate in privacy.

a Sensible scientist-logician-gumshoe
in need (and thus in Pain) of a majority Wise
"To Rationally Unite and Stand for Truth"
T   R   U   S   T

.   .   .

                                   a quizzical pop quiz afoot!

the direction to head in  >  selecting any of the following lines, use your investigatory powers to determine which fictional character of fame or 
infamy spoke it:

"beam me up, scotty."

"luke, i am your father."

"elementary, my dear watson."

                          a cliffhanger resolved in the next episode -- 
                                               till then
                    as you boldly go where no man has gone before,
                 may the Pain of not Knowing an answer be with you,
                                            nancy drew!


Copyright © James Starkey III