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Stories of Love

You have compose stories of old of how the universe came about; you have brainwashed the world with the existence of old and frivolous literature that your ancestors have written; they cannot be tested or proven by the world’s greatest scientist, mathematician and astrologist; they cannot be tested in the lab and when I read those stories they really make me feel sad. 

They are filled with dishonest and fraudulent men, incest and rape, assassinations and plots and consistent fighting baked in the conscience  of well groomed men. The biblical war never cease and it bring modern-day men down on their feet.

The biblical literature of old pronounced wickedness upon the world, it invokes sickness upon man and death and destruction upon the land, man set himself on fire for its written in the holy scripture as if the crucifixion of Christ wasn’t enough, you have led the world into a religious fuss and on Sundays you pretend to be holy.

I have searched for the truth my entire life and I have made hundreds of heartfelt sacrifice and I am convinced that there is a presence stronger than man and it is not written on those ancient pages or what we have studied in the ages, it is an individual encounter with something that is bigger and more powerful than man. We have learnt about in the ages and god itself is lost in it, and if god could read it, it would be unhappy with mankind’s greed and man’s promiscuous beliefs.

More than a billion analyst have broken the literature down and you continue to walk around in long gowns deceiving the people in the pew with verses of old that are not true, the house of Lords will not hear you and the house of commons cannot accommodate you, you have been living a lie and deceiving the people with fake cries. 

You talk of angels emerging from the sky and the world coming to an end with a pigeon and a hen oh what blatant heresy of un-confounded religious men.

Adam and eve came on the scene with a wild and mysterious dream; the passion was so high that they ate the forbidden fruit and die.; and your man-made Santa clause has tricked children both at home and abroad and you have to rid, yourselves of the old dusty, confounding stories about heaven and glory and teach about the truth in stories of love.

Copyright © Christine Phillips


Book: Shattered Sighs